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Dungeon Siege II: Broken World - a single-player review

Well, Broken World (BW) has now been released upon our world, and I've decided to take the time to write down my opinions and experiences, as well as some details of what the expansion to Dungeon Siege 2 contains.

Oh the noes! Where have the downloads gone?

Well as you might have noticed, or not, most of the downloads can't be reached. That is because the server that hosted them is no longer in use.
It was a service granted to us by Interested2 some time ago to solve our hosting problems. Thanks for your help Int2.

I am working on moving all the downloads to a new server as we speak and should be done with that in a day or two.

I was planning to be done by now but my offline life has taken it's toll on the time I have been able to spend on this site. A new version of this site will likely appear as well in a day or two. It will be pretty

The Lord of the Ring...

This just in. Our favorite director has put on his gloves to get back at his critics!! The Lord of the Ring

Guest Posting Disabled

Due to the numerous spam bots currently ravishing the forums, we've made an executive decision to remove guest posting, I do sincerely apologize for the inconvenience but encourage our long time guest posters to log in now, as it only takes 10 seconds and it will save the appearance of our boards.

We are in the process of updating our software and at that time we may re-examine the issue but for now to stop the torrents of spam flowing in, guest posting is disabled.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Switching domain registrar

We are switching registrar, the folks that handle the domain, so you should write down these addresses so you still can reach the site if anything goes wrong. I don't anticipate any problems but you never know.

Erthos Struggle BETA 2.00 has been released.

It is old news but there is a new version of Erthos Struggle available for download.

It seems really good so you will probably want ot try it out. It works with both DS2 and BW.

Win a copy of Broken World on Herena Forge!

The fine folks over on Herena Forge are giving out a free copy of Broken World to the winner of their contest. The contest:

Herena Forge wrote:
This will be a screen shot contest where the screen shot is modified or edited so that a Dungeon Siege Character is Added to a real photograph or a real item from a photograph is added to a DS or DS2 Screen shot.

Here are some tutorials to help you get going if you lack the know-how:


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