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Erthos Struggle BETA 2.00 has been released.

It is old news but there is a new version of Erthos Struggle available for download.

It seems really good so you will probably want ot try it out. It works with both DS2 and BW.

Win a copy of Broken World on Herena Forge!

The fine folks over on Herena Forge are giving out a free copy of Broken World to the winner of their contest. The contest:

"Herena Forge" wrote:
This will be a screen shot contest where the screen shot is modified or edited so that a Dungeon Siege Character is Added to a real photograph or a real item from a photograph is added to a DS or DS2 Screen shot.

Here are some tutorials to help you get going if you lack the know-how:

Mageworld 3.0 released

Xaa has released version 3.0 of his popular sieglet Mageworld for Dungeon siege 1.
Go here for instructions on getting it.

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