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Welcome to a new age

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Or something like that.. So anyway, this is the new site. I hope you like it.
It will take some time to get used to but check out the help (green link under the elf in hte header) for a a quick update on new features. I should point out that this site is heavily in beta and that there are some things not working properly yet. Internet Explorer users might not get the prettiest version of the site since I haven't installed IE (using linux). I will start tweaking the css to take care of that though. Just report any problems you find here.

Important! There have been a few reports of problems with logging in. What you can do if you have a similar problem is to clear out any cookies for and And use the full url with "www" i.e:

Oh, and I messed up the avatars... I will upload them again but go ahead and upload yours again if you have a local copy of it and if you want to save me some time.

Edit: I've switched the site to use instead since that is what most members seem to use. Login in to that address if you have any problems.

What if the hokey pokey really is what it is all about????

wow this is sexy!!! but ummmm... i put in to have the hokey pokey thing as my sig. but it is on top.

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The signature is one of the things I am not too crazy about when it comes to Drupal (the platform for the site). It is just added to your post so your signatures don't update when you change it. And since it is just added tp your post you have to add some space above it to write your post.

ok i can handle that. in the future will we be able to edit our own posts?

What if the hokey pokey really is what it is all about????

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The font seems awfully small. Also I find it harder to read white text on a black background then black text on a white background. One more not as good, the color scheme seems disturbingly similar to the old Siege-Mods site.

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Yeah, the text size does seem a bit small... it can be adjusted with the Text Size browser setting, but having to change it for one site will be inconvenient. Stare

I had login problems too... after clearing cookies I had to login twice before it would take.

You might want to put a pointer on 'cause I'm sure some folks will have bookmarks set to that URL.

All said and done though, an excellent smooth transition. Good job Solly. Smile


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I will have to increase the size then. I haven't checked the site under windows for a while so that is probably needed.
I'm the opposite concerning the contrast but I plan to make a different theme that uses dark text on bright background so that should be taken care of.

SJR > About any similarities to Siege-Mods: I didn't think about that site when designing this. As a matter of fact I was inspired by a Swedish casino site. Smile But yea, s-m.o had bright text on dark background, and a red main background if I remember correctly. But anyways, why would that be a problem?

Sharkull > Actually it wasn't smooth at all, you missed the funny parts. Smile But thanks.

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Looking hot!

Nice clear script in the posting section, I like that..

- Guess I'll have to brush up on my HTML..
- will you be giving some assistance on that sort of thing..?
- it means Had_Too_Much_Lager, doesn't it?

..give me a few weeks..!!

-PS: lots more smileys, please.. bring back the old ones, they were great..!!:smile:
-PPS: will you be getting any of those extra "help" buttons for the posting page..

-PPPS: what's the difference between "Add new comment" and "Reply"..??
-PPPPS what's "Post New Forum Topic" doing on the Home page...?

[..the world is full of beauty, and life is wonderful!]

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There is lots of help on how to format your text. Look under the text box for a link or look under posting on the help page.

-Smileys are coming back eventually.
-I have found some buttons like that but since I have to tweak them I haven't had time to install them yet, but some should be comming.
-add new comment means a reply to the original post and reply is for a comment that is not the first. It only matters in threaded view which I have turned off.
-I didn't see no "Add new topic" on the frontpage. Quit drinking elf wine! :P Uhm.. ok, where did you say you saw it, and is it still there?

hic! Smile

- sorry, I meant the "forum" linkpage.. and the "Site" linkpage..:oops:

- and some of the punctuation in the forum titles has gone awry..
- can't we edit earlier post any more..??
- oh, and how do the blogs work..??

(- sorry for all the questions!)

- I like the "recent posts" button link.. very handy..

..I'll leave you to it - great work, so far!! Smile

..the world is full of beauty, and life is wonderful!

I set up a bookmark to and tried it. It redirects me to, which redirects me to, which....

I don't know how I ever got here. (actually I had to try quite a few sub-paths before I got past the front door). It looks like the page that redirects on the old url was copied over to be the default/index page on the new one. Hence the recursion.

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There is nothing that redirects besides the link on as far as I can tell.
Did you remove old cookies from siegetheday?

I think I probably removed cookies on every other browser but the one I was using for here! Doing it again has cleared up the loop.

I have Mozilla, Firefox, 4 different versions of IE, Mosaic, Lynx, Opera and some others in use, so I can test web pages in all environments, so a cookie cleanup cn take forever!

I now have to fix my signature code, as this board uses slightly different coding than the old one
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Great new site, although the signature thing is annoying... and I have to agree with sjr in saying that the colour scheme is disturbingly similiar to the old Siege-Mods site.

How many hosts has StD had now?

My homepage/blog-thingy Thanks to LoneKnight for the name :P (see the Nickname Thread)

The link on the left for "DS2 set items" - under Game resources, doesn't appear to function..

- and the subject box - when posting - doesn't seem to appear in the forum..

- early days yet.. just gremlin hunting.. Laughing out loud

[EDIT: Fixed - cheers, sol77.. it looks superb
- KillerGremal's done a great job there with the pets guide, too!!

wow - that last Edit pushed the post up the ladder..!! that supposed to happen?

..the world is full of beauty, and life is wonderful!

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Loup_Ombrage wrote:
How many hosts has StD had now?

Hmm.. gamespy, siege-mods, and now this one.
But I think Ecc used 2 or 3 different hosts for siege-mods while he and I shared server space.

the colour scheme is disturbingly similiar to the old Siege-Mods site

Well I didn't mean to copy it or anything and I never realised that I was using the same colors. I still don't since I don't really remember what it looked like. This site was as I said earlier inspired by a swedish site's color scheme. Anyways, I really hope you guys don't find any similarities so disturbing that it will lessen your experience too much here. As a consolation I am planning on developing a second theme as well when I get the time.

And thanks you guys for finding bugs and inconsistencies for me as my offline life is really taking it's toll on me right now. I really appreciate the help.

Looking good sol. I never knew anything about Siege-Mods but... (and no offense meant) what is the big deal if it looks similiar or not? I must agree about the light text on is a little hard to read. I also read you are working on an new theme to address that so thanking you in advance. Smile

I think given time things will smooth out and we will all get a chance to get used to this new site.

*edit* Ok, I think I understand better about the Siege-mods issue. However, color scheme or not, this is still one of my online homes.

Total absence of humor renders life impossible.

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The site's search feature doesn't seem to work for me...

And the colour scheme doesn't bother me at all... resemblence to S_M aside. Yes, that site was something special and it was lost under rather exceptional circumstances (RIP Ecc...), but that's all in the past now. Plus, I seriously doubt that anyone here is trying to copy that site... I expect any superficial similarities are purely coincidental.

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The search works but the site hasn't been indexed yet, it takes a while and I need to set up a cronjob for it. Right now you can only search for members.

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Just to say.....Nice new site Smile

Lots of familiar names here, BIG HI to all...

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Thanks, and good to see you using your old avatar. I like that rat. Smile

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wow - that last Edit pushed the post up the ladder..!! that supposed to happen?

Yes. Otherwise I would maybe have missed your edit. And yes they are some good work the items and pets guides.

I was wondering...... is there a way to see the posts I have made and not just the threads I have posted in? What am I missing??

and how do i make my siggy in a different color?

What if the hokey pokey really is what it is all about????

Use bbCode Tags in your posting.. colour your signature in your personal account page, by using the bbCode for "color"..
- see here for more info..

- incidentally, sol77..
- is the limit on picture sizes in signatures, the same as before..?
- will you be freezing the top banner, so that the page underscrolls it..?

PS - the site looks brilliant in FullScreen (F11) mode..

..the world is full of beauty, and life is wonderful!

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Blondin > Yes the limit is the same. We'll see but I could freeze a topbanner for the second theme, good idea.

Edit: Sara > I'm sorry but no you can only see the topics you have posted in. I'm hoping the next major version of Drupal will have a feature for it.

Here's the BBcode helpage for the site as well:

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Sharkull wrote:
The site's search feature doesn't seem to work for me...

A cronjob has been set up, if that meens anything, and the site has been 51% indexed so far.

Edit: It has completed.

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One other thing, it is kinda hard to see what has new posts. Sometimes it says new on the main forum page, but I can see if I had not been here since the previous day and the most recent post in a section says like 4 hours ago I know it is new but it doesnt say new until I go into the actual section where it will say new, plus if I click the new post link only about half the time does it take me to the new posts. For example I went to the off topic section and I saw Chatty Cathy thread was new so I clicked the new link and it brought me to the the first post in the thread, while others it does list the first post but then it posts the latest ones, this posted them from the oldest so I had to go to the bottom of the page and pick the last page to see what is new. Which reminds me since it was the same on the old setup, can you add the option to go to other pages of the thread on the top of the page as well as on the bottom?

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Keke, another bug I just noticed after making the post. I seem to get logged out from time to time for no reason I can see. I posted here, then clicked a couple times and saw nothing was showing as new and then I noticed on the left side I was no longer logged in. Whats up with that?

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Thanks guys! Hope this works......

What if the hokey pokey really is what it is all about????