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Site Issues

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Since there isn't already a topic for this, I thought I'd start one... Wink

The server time seems to be off an hour or two. In order to get the time correct for me I have to set it for GMT-7, but I'm actually in the Eastern Time Zone (GMT-5). A one hour difference could be explained by DST, but two hours implies a problem...

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Evil Day-Sieging?

I noticed something strange:

Search engine BING is listing results on

But Google (with me) does not anything: Puzzled's almost as Google never found before, or that this site is on an index list of evil sites - since we often talk about unrestricted and fun-driven killing on a monstrous scale!?


This doesn't seem to be a temporary matter...!(?)
Another example, while Bing is able to show results/pages with the sentense 'please PM bare_elf so that I can correct the problem', Google does not. Shock

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it is the thought that counts

PhoeniX wrote:
And it appears the ' and " problem has been fixed as well. Smile
I suspect that it was a server issue with encodings, since I did nothing out of wishing for it to go away. :sun:

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Welcome aboard!

Welcome aboard Corwin17!

Corwin17 wrote:
You know, I almost tried entering just one character per pair in the security code, but then I thought, "Nah, they wouldn't do that to people without explaining it!"
Yeah... :blush:

Scotland was awesome => :orc: Dwarf :wizard:

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And it appears the ' and " problem has been fixed as well. Smile

Thanks :)

Hi sol,

Thanks for the info, I'm registered now.

You know, I almost tried entering just one character per pair in the security code, but then I thought, "Nah, they wouldn't do that to people without explaining it!" Laughing out loud

No worries about the time lag. Hope you had a great time in Scotland.

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Hi.I'm sorry the security


I'm sorry the security check is causing problems for you. I've gotten one other mail on the same issue but the captcha is made fairly difficult because the other settings seem to let in a bunch of blog posts about medicine and shoes... I don't seem to be able to find that perfect setting. ^^

I'll change the settings again though and see if that helps you, if not I'll add your account manually. Oh, and the reason I didn't reply was because you caught me on a vacation to Scotland.

Edit: Hehe, that wasn't very user friendly. Each character is shown with double vision, but you are only supposed to type it in once. I apologize profusely. ^^ I clarified the instructions so see if that helps.

Can't Register, Security Code Always Incorrect

Howdy all,

I came across this site a few weeks back while looking into getting DS1 running on my new Win 7 PC I built at the start of this year. I have loads of questions regarding both the technical problems I've had, as well as the awesome extra content available to add to the basic campaigns. This site seems to be about the only one (that I've been able to find, at least) that's still active.

The problem is, I can't register. I tried to go ahead and create an account about a week ago, but the code that I enter at the bottom of the registry page never works. I've tried it about 20 times so far, and I keep getting the message that it's incorrect. I also tried e-mailing the site admin (the only staff here with an e-mail adress listed) several days ago, but haven't heard anything back. I did finally notice today that it's possible to post here without registering, but I'd really like to go ahead and have the account unless new accounts have been disabled for some reason.


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Yes, please pm it to me.

Yes, please pm it to me.

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Will do

I'll PM them, most aren't in the generally visible area.

FWIW, in this thread, I can only edit this one. I suspect the intent was to allow editing on the opening post and latest only, and I should not have been able to edit any other intermediate posts, but I could edit some of those. Do you need to know which "middle" posts I could edit?

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That is definitely a bug.

That is definitely a bug. But you can send me links to the posts that you can't edit and I can change them.

There is no easy way that I know of to easily do the changes. Well besides writing a script for the database, but I don't have time to figure out how to do that right now. Sad

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No, editing bit is inconsistent

I've been changing the url's on images in some posts, so that they show again, so I've been editing mainly middle-of-thread posts all along. There are just a scattered few that don't have the edit option, and I can't see a pattern.

P.S. is there any easy way to search and replace the old domain to the new one on those links?

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Hmm, that sounds weird. The

Hmm, that sounds weird. The new post thing is considered a feature I think but the editing thing sounds odd. Is it that you can only edit the first post and last. Could be some setting that I messed up on..

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I was updating some old threads to correct obsolete url's for images (website change) and I note that editing the last post of a thread is treated as a "new" post, although similar edits to the first or intermediate ones aren't. Is this a bug or a feature?

There's also a post of mine in one thread that I can't edit, even though I have that option on all my other posts in the same thread. (edit: make that several posts in several threads)

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Thanks guys. About my mom's

Thanks guys. About my mom's marriage, it was with a non-daddy-dude. He's a great dude though so I'm glad for her sake.

About the outage, it seems they changed the names for their servers around a bit so that might have temporarily have blocked some processes.

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Yes, I hope you enjoyed

Yes, I hope you enjoyed yourself there Solly. Smile

The outage wasn't too long, and the site does seem to be a bit more responsive since the server upgrades... I'll post if I notice any further issues.

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Welcome back. Happy

Welcome back. Smile

Happy Birthday and continued happiness to your Mother and Father. ^^

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Hi guys. I've been gone for

Hi guys. I've been gone for a while since I lost my internet connection in a move to a new apartment, and then I went down south to celebrate my moms birthday and marriage. Smile I'm back now though.

About the error I've gotten no mails about more upgrades but I have noticed some things that are different on the tool page. Could be that this version of Drupal is starting to get incompatible with Hostmonsters version of php. I have a new version on it's way though, and many backups.. Smile

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It could have been hosting

It could have been hosting issues / server maintenance... but that's just a guess. Solly would be the one to have those answers. I haven't been informed of anything.

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Glad STD is back. For several hours all I could get was

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Yea I use tables. Simply

Yea I use tables. Simply because the original theme did and I didn't have time to update it and spend time on finding "browser fixes". I've slowly stared work on a new theme that is more modern in it's design.

Thanks for the link!

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Browser bugs

Check out the "Position Is Everything" site at for bugs (and fixes) for a whole bunch of browser problems. They also have a good write-up on making the IE6 to IE7 transition.

I fixed my own site's IE problems with a Holly Hack.

P.S. You use TABLES????

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It's weird. And I don't know

It's weird. And I don't know what to do about it. The html (xhtml) and css checks out for that area. No broken tags and no css that isn't supported in IE6 so it should be supported in IE7.. what gives? ^^ I'm thinking it might make a difference if I set the doctype to transitional instead of strict, after all I am using tables for the layout. Worth a try at least.

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OK, good to know it's not

OK, good to know it's not just me. It doesn't really bother me (I use the "recent posts" listing...), but for other visitors I bet it leaves a less than favorable impression... Stare

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I reckon that was an old php

I reckon that was an old php session for your user that was still active. Could be related to the problem. Anyway, I have disabled that caching system for now. Will have to do some research on the problem.

@Sharkull, I get the same rendering bug in IE7 as you. It is really odd that it is only the "boxes" on the front page that are affected. Will have to do some research on this as well.

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I logged out from first

I logged out from first bookmarked page. Then logged in from new page. Don't know if it shows same for you but the online users lists me twice as logged in now.

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That will fix your problem,

That will fix your problem, but you are not supposed to have to do that.
That longer path should load without you seing it. I forgot to mention that.

I am no longer able to reproduce the problem, played around with some settings. Is it fixed on your end as well?

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When I come to site it says

When I come to site it says
Will reset bookmarked page to and see if problems persist.

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I'm pretty sure your's and

I'm pretty sure your's and volkan's problems are unrelated. His problem is that the caching system doesn't load the proper page when he logs out. The site is supposed to load when a user visits the site, and when you logout that page is supposed to load as well but it appears you get an old version instead of a new so you appear as logged in when you are not. Strange thing is that this only happens in firefox, and on windows only it seems.. I am a bit puzzled to why.

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@volkan:Anonymous postings

Anonymous postings need to be approved by site staff before they're visible to the public (you should see it now...). This is an anti-SPAM feature of the site software (and as a forum moderator, I love it! Smile ).

That access denied thing does look nasty. Sad

It started happening with the recent changes to the site. If it is an IE7 update thing then it would be a rather big coincidence. Note: resizing the window does work... thanks for the tip. Smile

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Still having problems

I log out and I am greeted with this:
I reload page and it says I'm still logged in. When I try to post a comment, it says I'm logged out. I try to post "anonymous" and it doesn't show. So I log in again to make this comment.