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What kind of content Dungeon Siege 2 is lacking and why ?

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poll description: 
Please give a little explanation about what would you like to see :)
Gameplay depth
32% (22 votes)
9% (6 votes)
7% (5 votes)
6% (4 votes)
7% (5 votes)
HD graphics
26% (18 votes)
13% (9 votes)
Total votes: 69


I could have marked all of the categories. But game play depth is the highest on the list. The back story, story line (reason for doing things) and depth of characters is far less developed in DS2 and Broken World than it is in all the DS1 Maps be they GPG maps or third party maps.

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I couldn't agree more but I found the ds2 storyline much more in the foreground even if it's clearly less interesting as the ds1 story.
I never tried to create quest or map but given the lore of dungeon siege. There is a great potential here ;).

[Edit] I remember a random map generator for ds1. The guys creating it never really moved after the initial release but this could be interesting.
In fact it could even gives great maps quickly or at least monstrous coherent map that we just have to populate. Like Skyrim maps... if we could link the generator to a height map it would be awesome Wink

I voted for spells, because compared to DS 1, I see this as the most decimated aspect, because vatiety of spells in DS1 was one of the coolest I have ever seen in a PC game. The limited choice of spells that are categorized by elements is really far from satissfying.

Hardless - you have already world on lobing spells from DS 1 to DS 2 - I think this was one of the best features of the old AG. Perhaps something similar could spice up gameplay.

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Thank you lukawh, I would be happy to get every spells of ds1 into ds2 but the process is really long and repetitive. In fact the spells there are in AG are the simplest that I could found in term of effects obviously. I should get around some of them. If only there were a ds2 effects previewer that would save me so much time. It could be a project thinking of it ;). There are spells like storm that I could do really fast using lighting of ds2 and a bit of skrit.
I must check this again. Thank you for giving me the idea :).

Before you can have more content, you need better tools. DS2's were mostly broken, and there was an impression that mods weren't welcome any more.

Still DS3 shut mods off completely, so it could be was worse.

I voted for Items.
Loved the fact that DSI had soooo many different types of items like weapons, armor, spells etc.
DSII just has a set amount of items that rise in level (Good, Great, Exceptional, Legendary), so seeing the same weapons and armor over and over again, with the only difference being power, get's really boring. The same goes for spells (Lvl I-IV). DSI had what seemed to be unlimited different equipment and items that looked unique and you always looked forward to see new cool items.