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Missing Avatars

Since the site upgrade in February users have been reporting that their avatar's go missing after they log out. Unfortunately this is a known bug in the version of Drupal we are running with no known fix available. We will keep an eye out but currently have no ETA for when a fix will be provided. Sorry for the inconvenience. updated

The site has been updated!

Seems to be a few issues here and there. Please mention issues in the comments here so we can keep track of each issue and (hopefully) provide a fix. Note that we updated to a major new version of our site software, so it may not be possible for all functionality of the site to remain exactly as it was.

Another site downtime

On Saturday February 9th will be have a downtime for some much needed updates. The downtime is expected to run roughly between 6AM and noon, EST.

We are updating the site to a new version of the software it runs. We have been testing the new version of the software for a while and have tried to catch any issues before we go live tomorrow. That being said, if you find any issues with the site after the update tomorrow please leave a comment here.


Siegetheday had some downtime this morning in preparation for an upcoming server upgrade. Thank you for your patience.

Host Migration

Siegetheday first went live in July of 2005 and it's been quite the journey since then. In order to perserve the website and the community, we are making signficant efforts to improve and bring Siegetheday into 2018. We have completed the first major step of that process by putting Siegetheday onto it's own dedicated host. Over the next few weeks will be attempting to make further upgrades and changes to ensure SiegeTheday has another great 13 years.

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th everyone. remember do not eat the fireworks or you will burn your tongue


Server Upgrade tonight

There's a VPS upgrade available that requires a migration, so I'm planning to do that sometime this evening/tonight.
The server will probably be up and down a couple times while I get it all done.
The migration portion estimates 96 minutes to complete, then I'll be doing the upgrade, so expect a couple hours of downtime.

I don't have an exact timeframe since we'll have family over for a while, but it will probably be late evening.


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