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Some new pictures

I got a smartphone fairly recently. There is a program I enrolled in called SafeLink which provides a cellphone for low income people. It's a little annoying sometimes as it insists on chirping at me and stuff. But I do appreciate having it.

This is the start up dealy.

Ugh! The Hello Moto woman is bad enough, but that ring tone was the default notification noise and it would make me jump out of my skin until I like, figured out how to mute notifications. Mmm Hmm....Perhaps the smaht phone is smarter than me?

Anyway, the point (and I do have one) is I'm able to take pictures with my phone. Yay, I've joined the modern times or some such crap. But picture taking is cool.

My sister and her husband got a puppy! She has grown quite a bit since these pictures. She is known as May, Mamie, MayMay and Hellhound. I like to call her Demon Shoelace monster when she gets waaaayyyy too bitey with my shoes. Apparently it's great fun to pull my shoe laces all over while I'm trying to tie my shoes. She is so totally adorable though, even if my hair does get covered in puppy slobber every time I pick her up.

This is their other dog, Bieber. He's a good guy, but the puppy tries his patience quite a bit.

Mamie managed to mangle my water bottle in the time it took me to get my arm out of the sleeve of my coat. Oh, and check out my coffee cup and my butter! Cool, right? (not) Tongue

My neighbor took me to an orchid show in the beginning of March. So beautiful!



Kathy turning all modern on me Laughing out loud Those are some really great photos.

bare_elf wrote:

Kathy turning all modern on me Laughing out loud Those are some really great photos.


I'm (sort of) modern. Sometimes.

What was your favorite picture? It's the one with the butter, isn't it. Who doesn't love butter?


It's the flower pictures Kathy they are very good.