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kathycf's blog

The Best Helm I Never Had...

All these years I have been without when I really could have used a helm like this. Party


MIdnight Modding


Well, I know the things I did wrong to produce these results, but I still thought they were kind of funny. This is what happens when I mod stuff in the middle of the night. Smile

Bad Hair Day:

Nice Bow?


I, Frankenfish

I saw a commercial for a movie on SciFi channel (excuse me SyFy, as it's known now *eye roll*) for a movie called
"I, Frankenstein" and it reminded me of a summoning spell I did a few years ago called
"Summon Frankenfish" ("Frankenfish" was another syfy classic, kinda known for cheesy movies).

I don't use the spell all that often because Frankenfish is a little pokey, a little slow to attack. So, how fast can a Frankenfish run? I know manglers aren't fast creatures and have a small attack range. I tried modifying the template to make him run a little faster, but still. meh.


Do you like robes?

I like robes...loads of robes. "Just Robes" is a mod I made back in 2013, but I updated some stuff and repackaged it. I know, hardly anyone plays DS1/LOA, but I spent so much time (mostly making icons *grumble*) that I thought I would see if anyone else likes robes. They're mostly "girly" looking robes, but there are several that look good on male characters.

A preview of some robes and what they look like on various Dungeon Siege models:



Dwarven Lass, Updated.

New version of the dwarfgirl mod-updated:

I decided to eliminate the default shirts for dwarfgirl from the global shirts file and replace them with all custom shirts. The default ones were kind of blah. If you don't update the mod, those shirts will still work as they are stock DS itmes. If you do update, be sure to remove the old version of the mod.


Dungeon Siege Blah?

I'm referring to the armor. When I first played the game, I had no idea of mods. I enjoyed the game play, but wanted my characters to look more...feminine? I get that Dungeon Siege takes that whole egalitarian approach with their armor, but still...blah. When doing some research on the web, I came across Bare_Elf's Girl armor and Old Lady armor at Herena Forge. Yay! Finally some cool and colorful looking stuff. I was later inspired by her to create some of my own mods.


A Dwarven Lass

When I first saw the dwarf girl mod, it made me nostalgic for when I used to play World of Warcraft. One of the first characters I leveled was a dwarf girl named Largemarge. So I looked over the mod and saw this:

DDLullu wrote:
My version of a dwarfgirl for DS1:

I took the male dwarf and squeeze his body mesh to be more female look.
Then i took the farmgirl'heads, put the squeleton of the dwarf male in
them, rewrite the weights and position (a program did it,work very well).

This is a test version because it's easier to do in ds1 , we have gmax,



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