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Time to Summon the Forge

I was saving/backing up a bunch of stuff off my old laptop and I found a mod from many moons ago. Makes me feel nostalgic and stuff. I was sad to see Herena Forge go but everyone has to move on at some point. I feel so glad that we have a home here at Siege the Day.

Mod Title: Summon the Forge

Author/s/: Charietto, KathyCF, and Bare_Elf


This mod is a graphics adaptation to Dungeon Siege, which adds new spells, new characters, and some new armor.


* 11 New summon spells (nature magic and combat magic, level 1 to 32):

1. A Forge Master with Wife and kids.
2. A Mistress of Bunnies with her fighting pink bunnies.
3. A pack of hard hitting Fire Bats.
4. A war band of longbowmen.
5. A pink pack rabbit as a summoned pack animal.
6. Bare Elf’s wolf, Dog himself as a summoned pack animal.
7. A pack rat, guess what, another summoned pack animal.
8. Cousin Robert, complete with kilt and claymore as a summoned party member.
9. A Heavy Metal skeleton with necromancer daughter as a summoned party member.
10. A Queen of Western Fairies as a summoned party member.

Well, In the spirit of honesty I must say that Charietto and Bare Elf did the work. I simply provided some textures. Anyway...I'll just leave this here and take my pink bunny slippers out of the dryer...

If you decide to download the mod, be sure to read all of the read-me that is included as the mod has some specific requirements.

Package icon Summon the Forge.zip3.76 MB


Wasn't this released while Herena Forge was temporarily renamed Happy Frog?

And I can't remember what this place changed to - something about Donuts, I think.

Yes, I think the mod was released around Happy Frog time. Ha, I had forgotten about that. Laughing out loud

I'm not sure what came after, but doughnuts do seem familiar or maybe it's just me having mad sugar/carb cravings.

On the topic of finding things tucked away in the laptop, I found my copy of "Halloween Late night Show". I remember that I got stuck trying to figure something out and then stumbled upon the old lady's cabin with mutated killer turkey flying around, that was too funny.

kathycf wrote:

On the topic of finding things tucked away in the laptop, I found my copy of "Halloween Late night Show". I remember that I got stuck trying to figure something out and then stumbled upon the old lady's cabin with mutated killer turkey flying around, that was too funny.

I've been wanting to play that again, but it requires multi-player LAN mode, and Windows changed something that stops it from running.

If I remember correctly, you needed to throw plates at the turkey. You didn't get a decent gun until later, but by then the enemies had chainsaws. And of course, to take on the Blob, you needed a fire extinguisher.

I had the same issue trying to play a multiplayer game w/ DSLoA a few weeks back. It just wouldn't work, even when I gave permissions for the game to access the internet. So freaking annoying!

I remember throwing plates at "grandma's" turkey...and then at grandma herself!

I think my analysis of the problem when I first hit it was that the opening request got a new return code that meant "OK, but you need to know something", and it was being treated as "no". I.e. it wasn't one of the list of codes that was considered a success. I think it happened at Windows 7, and XP would still work.

The online multi-player modes were dependent on a service that no longer exists, but you were always able to start up a LAN game as host, without having another player connected. That was the part that broke for me.

I used to use the plain internet option (which was always the way I played on my own online--did not like ZoneMatch).

I also used the LAN line but now neither one of those two options works. I don't even make it to the staging area, it just drops me back at the main menu.

Some strange computer problems started happening for us around the beginning of June (not malware or antivirus stuff, at least that would make sense). My boyfriend's computer went nuts at that time, after he got the latest Windows Update-the 18 whatever version. He was completely locked out, and it cost some money to get it fixed up. Ridiculous.

I don't know, it seems ever since then little goblins are wreaking mischief and just being up to no good with the electronics in the house.

Goblins, yup. That's how one refers to computers problems when one has NO fricking clue how to fix them! It *must* be goblins or gremlins or some such nasty critter.

A piece of software that stops people's computers from working is NOT a "virus".

A piece of software that admits the first piece of software to a computer is NOT a "Trojan".

When the internet grinds to a grid-locked halt due to the size of the first piece of software multiplied by the number of computers to which it is being sent simultaneously, that is NOT a "denial of service attack".

Not when the first piece of software is a feature upgrade or cumulative maintenance package to the Panes - or is that "Pains" - operating system from Necrosquishy, and the second piece of software is its Automatic Updates facility/app.

Could have fooled me.


NB moderators, please remove this expression of opinion if it is out of line.

Windows 10 1803 (on 64-bit machine). (Have you noticed, feature levels are always yy03 and yy09 alternately, though not always delivered literally in those months.) Norton anti-virus.

DS1-LoA retail CD; started the non-LoA DS1, selected Network (as opposed to Internet), host game and got a character into Yesterhaven.

What I did do, when Edge browser failed to start, was firmly squash (uninstall) "Trusteer Rapport" as soon as Automatic Updates gave it to me secretly and uninvited.

Windows 10 did fix a lot of issues with old games for me, too. I couldn't play Morrowind under win 8, as I had no mouse cursor, but the "upgrade" to win 10 fixed that.

However, win 10 introduced so many system tasks that keep running in the background, grabbing all the CPU at the worst possible times, that many games suffered performance issues. I gave up using that machine for games.

Eh, I'm usually on board with ranting.

I *am* confused by this however:

RSimpkinuk57 wrote:

NB moderators, please remove this expression of opinion if it is out of line.

I don't know what you mean by "NB" moderators, but expressing opinions isn't "out of line" unless they are disrespectful to other community members and/or contain profanity.

Anyway, I'm not sure what's up w/ DS now. I am getting the same errors with Dungeon Siege on both of my computers. DS has been working fine with win10 and also when I had Win7. In fact, the game has actually played pretty well (after some trouble shooting, reinstalling and fiddling due to some minor issues).

I don't know *what* happened to my laptop that runs WinXP. Dungeon Siege has always run perfectly and now I am getting exception errors (!!!) every time the game tries to load the world. I think I am going to have to reinstall. The only times that I did receive errors on the laptop is because I did something with one or more mods and crashed the game. I understand why that happened. What I don't understand is how I am getting so many errors with a game that has run fine for me since 2005 up until just a few weeks ago.

"NB" is a close relative of "PS". It is like "By the way", but more emphatic.

I totally forgot about that mod Smile I will have to download it as my copy got lost many dead computers and hard drives ago Wink

Kathy are your bunny slippers out of the wash?
Added Summon the Forge to my resources, Fired up LoA with my versions of LoU and Cat Mansion Adepts. With your Halloweenshields V2 and my Lili_Wolf_Summons_V4. My main Character Lara with Mia and Letitia all Rangers with full Nature Magic, Combat Magic and Melee Skills. Called the wolves Blacky, Sandy and Snowy. Now it is off to find some bunny slippers and pack rats. Dance


Yep, the bunny slippers are clean, but they are looking a bit frayed around the edges. I'm glad you got to replace your copy of the mod. It's fun, and there is nothing I hate more than losing stuff (both "virtual" and real). I need more pack rats for my stuff!

Now where did I put my armor? It's snowing and my buns are getting cold! I am not a BLUE elf! Now in what pack rat did I store my housecoat? Lucky for me the my Ninja boots and gloves are warm. I have placed my fire arrows under some wood and maybe we will have a fire soon Smile

Bonfire would be good, so we can make S'Mores.

*makes Homer Simpson drooling noise*