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kathycf's blog

Merry Christmas

Hi everyone

Hope you all are enjoying a wonderful holiday, and if Christmas isn't your thing have a wonderful day.


Some new pictures

I got a smartphone fairly recently. There is a program I enrolled in called SafeLink which provides a cellphone for low income people. It's a little annoying sometimes as it insists on chirping at me and stuff. But I do appreciate having it.

This is the start up dealy.


A little sad

Hi all

My dad is very sick and is recovering from surgery at St. Elizabeth's Medical center in Boston. He's been sick for several weeks and has become very frail. He will need more surgery but his doctors want him to become stronger before that will happen. So, please keep some kind thoughts in your heart for him and for me.

Thanks friends.


Missing the Holidays?

Do you have a touch of the post holiday blues? Do you miss the Days of Auld Lang Syne?

Fret no more, my friends, Auntie Kath has you covered. Smile


Frickin' Freezing

I ran out of heating oil Wednesday night so no heat. The fuel company is supposed to come today *crossing my fingers*. Oh wait, my fingers are too stiff with cold to cross. It's frickin' freezing in here!


WAIT! Loss?

It's time now for the "too much information" blog post. Hurray!


ranged spell & some new bows (DS1) *updated*

Fixed an error with ammo template. New version of mod has been uploaded (test bows 0929b).
Please keep in mind that the mod is not complete.

A few weeks ago I posted a blog entry about modding some custom bows. I've been working on this mod and currently have a version that has five bows with various types of custom damage. I've also included a nature spell I've been working on that's the ranged equivalent of "charged fist". The spell can be cast on any member of the party and scales with the caster's nature magic skill.



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