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Merry Christmas

Christmas Card

Hi everyone

Hope you all are enjoying a wonderful holiday, and if Christmas isn't your thing have a wonderful day.

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Creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky and altogether... Ooky?

Oh yes.

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Hrmm, dating apps are everywhere it seems

I know it must be easier to at least meet people online and try dating, unlike years ago when you had to actually seek out places that a person with the qualities you are looking for might be. (Was that a run on sentence? I think it was a run on sentence). But maybe I should stop living in 1997 and see what I can do to earn some money. Judging by advertisements, there seems to be a huge school of fish in the sea, just waiting to hook that special someone.

Love Innocent

So for whomever is interested, here is a new dating app that I am working on.

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Old timey ads...

The olden days sure must have been fun!
Smile Smile Smile
Stuffed Girl Heads

One of the nicest qualities is that they don't talk back!

I'm just curious about who came up with this idea, why they thought it would be popular and the workings of the mind who would purchase such an item.

The price seems fair, only $2.98. And well, sure, you could make jokes about Mary being a wallflower and how Karen is always trying to get ahead (groan), and there is a choice of hair color.

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Who is this Scarthrall guy?

I came across this file the other day in the LoA expansion.dsres. I don't recall seeing it in the Aranna storyline. He's a pretty cool looking gargoyle type thing, with a similar layout to the DS1 gargoyle except much more detailed.

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Time to Summon the Forge

I was saving/backing up a bunch of stuff off my old laptop and I found a mod from many moons ago. Makes me feel nostalgic and stuff. I was sad to see Herena Forge go but everyone has to move on at some point. I feel so glad that we have a home here at Siege the Day.

Mod Title: Summon the Forge

Author/s/: Charietto, KathyCF, and Bare_Elf


This mod is a graphics adaptation to Dungeon Siege, which adds new spells, new characters, and some new armor.

Summon the Forge.zip3.76 MB
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Is Photobucket still being stupid? I was just now checking my albums to see about downloading them and noticed that I can post some pictures and others not. Some of them have been given the "upgrade your account' crap treatment, even in my album.

I suppose the crap image is from the pictures I had previously posted here. Hmm. I'll guess I will find out when Photobucket updates itself. Stupid fricking Photobucket.

Update: Yes, Photobucket are still being jerks. I need to hire someone to "take care" of them...if you know what I mean...

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