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Correctly installing the Legendary Map Pack

How to correctly install the Legendary Map Pack Mod.

1.Verify that Dungeon Siege 1 is installed and has been patched to 1.11.1462
2.Verify that Dungeon Siege 2 is installed and has been patched to 2.2
This must be done prior to installing the mod as down revision versions of the game will prevent it from working.
3.Download the installer for the mod as this will install the new files and correctly process the necessary Dungeon Siege 1 files. You can do the process manually but converting the Dungeon Siege 1 files can be tedious and you can even convert the wrong files.

We need translators

As we are one of the last Dungeon Siege Modding Sites still active, we need people that speak French, German, Spanish, Italian and so on that would be willing to translate read-me files, mods and other things like installers into languages other than English. I have been using the free Google Translation Program. But since I only speak English and Welsh I am not sure how good the translations are. It would be nice if someone would translate at minimum the read me files found in the following forums.

This stinks

The Official Links for Broken World takes you to Dungeon Siege 3 and the remaining links to Dungeon Siege, Legends of Aranna, Dungeon Siege 2, Gas Powered Garage, Gas Powered Games are Dead. I will have to upload the patches for the games here. I think we need to open a section here for official things that should not be lost. Should you have important modding tips or tips for playing the game be sure to post it in the correct forum here before your computer crashes or you crash and burn, so the game does not die like the official sites seem to have.

When posting code to a forum

I have noted that when some people post code to a forum the forum width changes and one is forced to scroll left and right to read everything in each post. The reason is that people are not formatting the data correctly. They will often times just post the template and not tell the site that it is code or they will use the wrong formatting option such as (code)template(/code). The correct formating option for posting a template or other software code is <code>template</code>

Changes to user permissions

Because of problems with spambots who want us to buy more shoes, and what have you, it is now necessary for new members to ask for access if they want to post and edit in the book section or their own blog.

The other option was to make the captcha more difficult but it seems the next level is a bit too hard even for us humans.

I'm really sorry, but until I find the time I can't do much better.

You can sign up for the access in Apply for Book and Blog permissions.

Don't panic

Remember your towel, and don't panic!

The site will be down sometime during the next 48 hours for system upgrades made by our host. They suggest it should last two hours but it could be more. They also say it will likely be during morning hours and by that I'm guessing they mean US morning hours.

My towel is white with black lines across the edges. What does your towel look like? ^^

Sorry about the downtime

I'm terribly sorry that the site was down. I still don't know what was the cause. But what happened was that the database got emptied. It got filled again and we are back online, and that is what counts I guess.

Let me know if you catch anything strange.

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