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Fine dining in the Glitterdelve mine?!

Bare Elf's comment in her blog about buying lunch in Meren made me think of other places to eat in the world of Dungeon Siege. Yes, I know....I'm a bit odd. Smile

Here is the Glitterdelve Bar and Grill, serving up homemade Goblin stew (made with only the finest goblins!) and some fresh out of the oven Krug baguettes.

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Stonebridge Bar and Grill

So I haven't played ds for quite some time, so when Arakuun made the Edgaar mod for me I figured I would start a new campaign. Here is the gang hanging out in Stonebridge. They declined going drinking with Dork...I mean Zed so just chilling.

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Windows 10 and Dungeon Siege.

Hey, I've been wondering if anyone has played Dungeon Siege 1 or Legends of Aranna on Windows 10. My computer keeps naggin me to upgrade, but I would hate for the game not to work. DS1 not DS2. Smile

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Hey everybody.

I know everyone is busy with life and stuff but I wanted to say a quick "HI" and check in with folks. Stop by and say hey when you get a chance.

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Going to be AFK for a few


I know I don't post very often, but I am here checking in at least once per day. I am going to be away Monday the 5th and Tuesday the 6th. Try not to miss me too much... :silly: Tongue

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Happy New Year

To everyone at StD, have a safe, happy and healthy 2015.

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Happy Halloween

Hope your day is spooky!

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