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Pulp Fictious

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I like to read. Just about everything, really, but I have a sincere admiration for all that is cheesy too. Most often (well, perhaps not in the modern day) that is called pulp fiction and it was some what of a blanket term for types of fiction (horror, mysteries and thrillers, all that good stuff) as well as a literal definition. So, what exactly is this pulp fiction I keep nattering on about?

Pulp Fiction is a term used to describe a huge amount of creative writing available to the American public in the early nineteen-hundreds. Termed "pulp magazines" because of the low quality paper used between the covers

Sensationalized "pulpy" fiction was not limited to magazines but also books often called dime novels. Anyway...

Back to something sort of Dungeon Siege related.

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Nice Poster

Hey, thanks for links, Ulys. Smile I'll have to check out what Pinterest has.

The huge majority of these old books are in the public domain, so I can just download them for free. I really enjoy the cover art mostly, a lot of it is very well done and campy. Plus, the titles of the books themselves are often pretty funny.

The comics are harder to find, but I have bookmarked a couple of blogs that feature some. They are so corny! (but in a good way)

Boris Vellejo did his own parody? That's pretty cool. Laughing out loud Chevy Chase is looking quite buff!

I wish the pulp-o-matic had more variety also, since I wanted to make a horror cover. But sci-fi it is! I did capture a horrifying incident though, at least to me. Shock Wink

I have found some of the more racy book and comic covers and some have been explicit, in a weird way. More sexually violent and well, just plain weird and a bit gross, imo.

Most of the "sexy" ones I have are more funny and more tame, like this one and it does feature the obligatory damsel in distress. Tongue

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Science Fiction only

I was disappointed that the Pulp-O-Mizer does Sci-Fi covers only. It would be great for DIY versions of the Fantasy genre, especially with Vallejo/Frazetta style covers. Or Bodice-rippers, or ...

And the same would also work for Movie Posters, which kind of work the same way.

Boris Vallejo's own parody of Boris Vallejo.

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If you like to read (old)

If you like to read (old) books, just buy 373 old books: Amazing Stories (1929 to 1965) from Ebay

Or see DVD like this: "Wonder Stories Comic Magazine Horror Science Fiction Pulp Fiction"

Or again in Pinterest:

Have fun