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Naked pictures

Q: How do you post pictures of a naked elf here?
A: Choose your camera angle very carefully, and give her a large shield.

That's about the only one on the page you're allowed to look at.


Haloween Special - resurrection

While I was updating links in my posts from my old web site to my new one, I came across a few to the Halloween Special at the forge. Since that is long gone, I may try and add a page to my site about the mod, just in case anyone still wants to play it. I found a copy of the x-mess card that we used to announce version 1.4, but does anyone else have any screenshots etc from it?


Copied to here

Just so it doesn't get lost, I've put a copy of the Halloween Special Late Late Show version 1.4 into the downloads section here. Although Charietto and I never finished it, we always left it in a "complete" state at each release with the intent of adding another area later. It looks like Freddy Krueger will never show up at the ballroom, but the rest is quite playable, especially if you're familiar with the Forge crowd. It's still fun to play for a Horror Movie fan.


A diversion

I have been taking a side-trip in my modding recently. Having got stuck in a few places with Lara, I did a few models and animations for Charietto, which turned into a few more,...

The results have started to appear over at the forge. See for more details of part 1 of the new siegelet. It's essentially a Horror Movie TC based on DSLoA.

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