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Registrar Transfer Complete!

The transfer has been completed and the DNS settings transferred with it, so yay!


Help -- A very weird problem

I was happily playing DS1 Kingdom of Ehb testing out Kathy's new bow mod. Played for two hours last night everything was good when I saved. When I started up tonight there was a black screen that took up half the screen and within it there was a comment about my what my next quest was. it was sitting behind my inventory screen. Tried to make a screen shot of the issue, but the screen shot was normal. If I clicked on the X between my inventory screen and magic screen it closed everything. There are only two new mods that I am using.


The Rise and Fall of Dungeon Siege (DS 1)

I found this YouTube video earlier this evening. It was posted quite recently.

The Rise and Fall of Dungeon Siege

I only watched about 10 minutes, but it seems to be discussing Chris Taylor and how GPG came to be, as well as the different challenges encountered during the production of the game. Looks interesting and I plan to finish watching later on.


Blunder Storm?

I am starting to worry about my sanity! I started a new Game of "Kingdom of Ehb" -- I am using Cat Mansion Adepts and Legends of Utrae -- I am wondering if you see the same things as me playing without CMA and LoU. I arrive in Stonebride and when I arrive in the center of town I speak to the townswoman standing at the water pump.


Save File

Anyone have a 100% save file that will work on DS2 steam? I moved states and don't have all my things yet, or I'd have my hard drive and retail copy of DS2 and could load one of those saves. I've picked up another "Build Kalrathia" project, this time in Conan Exiles. But I need to be able to move around Kalrathia at my own leisure (or at least acquire a huge series of screenshots from every possible angle in every building and wall) and the saves I've found online don't seem to be picked up by Steam DS2.


Yes it's me

Dog goes Sniff Sniff and Bare Elf says "Yes it is me please quit sniffing my butt."

Dog replies, "In the game you keep changing your skin and hair colors so I do need to verify I am with the right Elf."



Monster Mash and Shields. (lotsa screenshots)

I took some screenshots of that Monster Mod from a few weeks ago. I *really* wish I could find Iryan's playable monster mod. I remember it as being really fun. Anyway...



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