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Raymus's blog

DS1 Multiplayer party mod?

I recently got my fiance to play DS1... Is there a mod to allow us to recruit party members in multiplayer, or am I forgetting how it works?


Hey everyone

Long time, no see. As I do, I pop in and out and creep on you guys more frequently than you may know.
I scrolled through some blog posts and recent forum entires, but the site is a big too big for mobile and my paddle thumbs can't navigate well on my tiny phone, so I was curious as to some of the recent milestones I've missed, interesting or groundbreaking mods, updates to the legacy project, who's still around and who isn't...


Save File

Anyone have a 100% save file that will work on DS2 steam? I moved states and don't have all my things yet, or I'd have my hard drive and retail copy of DS2 and could load one of those saves. I've picked up another "Build Kalrathia" project, this time in Conan Exiles. But I need to be able to move around Kalrathia at my own leisure (or at least acquire a huge series of screenshots from every possible angle in every building and wall) and the saves I've found online don't seem to be picked up by Steam DS2.


Update - Lots of bad but some pretty good.

A lot has gone down in the time I've been gone.

Be warned that what follows is a long rant/vent, and although I know that this website isn't 'exactly' the place for personal sob-stories, I've found people here to always be very welcoming and a blog is a good place as any to collect my thoughts. Of course, none of you here are obligated to read this at all, and I wouldn't blame you. It's a bummer piece!


Apologies for the absence --- again.

Normally I wouldn't post about this (as it happens often) unless the circumstances warrant it. As some of you may or may not have noticed I've been away for a while once again.
Without getting too much into the details as to "Why", I'm sure you at least understand that occasionally life likes to fight you every step of the way.


I just sent a message to Chris Taylor.

I didn't really ask anything or say anything of much importance. I sought him out mostly to sate my own curiosity of what the big man behind Dungeon Siege is doing nowadays, what with our beloved Gas Powered Games being no more.

But if I were to actually get a response and establish contact with this guy... any questions you all might have?

I kind of want to let him know that we're still active and working on the game. It'd be pretty cool to get recognized by him, no?


Lovely Fortress Kroth cover

This is a cover/mix I found of two of the Dungeon Siege themes, Fortress Kroth and the Main theme, on an instrument that I can't say I've ever even seen before. The audio quality is a little low but I doubt that bugs anyone, it really is quite lovely!



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