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Hey everyone

Long time, no see. As I do, I pop in and out and creep on you guys more frequently than you may know.
I scrolled through some blog posts and recent forum entires, but the site is a big too big for mobile and my paddle thumbs can't navigate well on my tiny phone, so I was curious as to some of the recent milestones I've missed, interesting or groundbreaking mods, updates to the legacy project, who's still around and who isn't...
It's been a long time since I was a kid all-caps raging an angry-joe style script about DSIII, I've grown and matured and gotten a job and a family and my tastes are suitably refined now. And by that I mean I play all the same old games I always do.

Life is chaos, and I've got mental issues.
How's everybody else doing?



Hi, not sure we've met. I'm Johannes from Germany and I made this:
And currently I'm making this:

Raymus wrote:
and I've got mental issues.

Well who hasn't, man!

There are some really cool new mods. Foerstj gave you links to his, they are super cool, because he has talent. Most of the regulars are still around and many new talents too. I do believe mental issues Insane are recommended for visitors to the sight and game players and makers in general.

Insane Elf does a happy Dance because her friend Raymus is here.

Hey there Raymus.

Nice to know you are still around. I don't like seeing people drift away from the site, but of course that does happen. I guess it's that real life chaos business thing. Grats on the family. Smile

Hey there Raymus, I'm glad to know that you're still alive and kicking, don't tell anyone else this, but I think most of the members still posting on here need to pay a visit to a quack "psychiatrist" and I'm glad to say that I'm one of them.