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Copied to here

Just so it doesn't get lost, I've put a copy of the Halloween Special Late Late Show version 1.4 into the downloads section here. Although Charietto and I never finished it, we always left it in a "complete" state at each release with the intent of adding another area later. It looks like Freddy Krueger will never show up at the ballroom, but the rest is quite playable, especially if you're familiar with the Forge crowd. It's still fun to play for a Horror Movie fan.



sounds great!! I have just downloaded it and when I tried to extract it I was asked for a password Sad

Please could I get the password? if let me know so i can delete it.


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The password is listed within the readme file, which you should, you know, read...

We filched it from the LoH readme. It's best way of getting people to actually read it, even if it is a quick skim without any comprehension.

thanks all

yes did finally did find password and its great tp play.

I seen it was incomplete the question i have is the incomplete ending on top of the hill just after pumpkin head or do i search for the way to open the gate?

i was disapointed
now happy camper Smile

It's a long time since I played it myself, but I remember that each episode opens up a new location you can start from. You just need to restart and pick the next episode. That was easier than creating a "hub" and the story to justify it. There should have been a popup with instructions on how to proceed when you get to the end of part 1.