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A diversion

I have been taking a side-trip in my modding recently. Having got stuck in a few places with Lara, I did a few models and animations for Charietto, which turned into a few more,...

The results have started to appear over at the forge. See for more details of part 1 of the new siegelet. It's essentially a Horror Movie TC based on DSLoA.

We've added a bunch of new items and weapons, some of which (like guns and chainsaws) needed both new models and new animations. Once the whole project is finished, I'll probably release some of the content for re-use (if I don't use it myself for Lara!) and it will likely spawn a number of new notes and tutorials.

Meanwhile, go play part 1 and give us some feedback.



Sharkull's picture

"In Chuck Norris I Trust"... Laughing out loud

Looks cool... I'll check it out when I get a chance. Smile

In Chuck Norris I Trust

Just so you know we're not completely serious. I don't recall what defense that t-shirt has, but there should at least be a psychological effect on your enemies!

volkan's picture

I see Charietto has posted the next part of the map over at the Forge. I haven't seen it myself yet, although I do know what some of the pieces look like!

Or at least, I know what they used to look like when I gave them to him.

It appears that part 1 has been modified a bit, but I don't know if that means you have to play that part again, or can just leap into the new areas in MP. Take note of the discussion there (the Forge) about other mods, too.

No chainsaws yet, he tells me, they'll be in part 3. And you should replay part one if only to meet the remodelled Blob!

volkan's picture

I played all the way through the new version with a new character. The remodeled blob is cool but I can't find a way to beat it yet. It's health regenerates faster than ranged, melee or magic can damage it. At the very end I quick saved and when I tried to continue, I got the "Dungeon Siege has encountered an Error" message and could not continue. I turned off all other mods so there is no conflicting happening. So I just imported my character from the first version into multiplayer and was able to continue from there.

We made the Blob more like the movie Blob, if that's enough hint.

volkan's picture

I only saw bits and pieces of the movie. I figure you probably have to set it ablaze somehow or get a weapon that does fire damage.

in the movie, it was vulnerable to cold, and ended up being dumped in the Arctic.

In v1.0, our blob could be killed by fire, but that may have changed in v1.2.

Just in time for your festivities, Charietto has complete part 3 (the one with the chainsaws) and it's over at the Forge for download - complete with seasonal poetry!

(Getting to the Forge may not be easy, mind you. It's been hormonal again the last few days).