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do you have a female or male brain?

KT found this test and asked me to take it. I took the test 5 times. Once it said I had a balanced brain, half male and half female. So I took it again 4 more times over 4 days and each time it said I had a male brain. That seems logical since I like sports like football and rugby. KT took the test and each time she took it the test said you either have a female brain or you are a female. So I guess the test is pretty accurate. If you want to take the test to see what it says here is the link.


Help can not decide...

KT and I want to get new crop top hoodies with a thick fabric for colder weather. However we can not decide on the saying. Please let us know which you like.

1. Can not decide if I want to look like a snack or eat one.

2. Working out is fun but have you tried donuts!

3. Plays well with others Wink .

4. Cute but Psyco.

Please vote on which you like or if you have a better one post it.


Cat Jokes for Kathy from Kathy

Hi Kathy
KT has sent you some cat jokes.

What is a cat’s way of keeping law & order? Claw Enforcement.

Did you hear about the cat who swallowed a ball of wool? She had mittens.

What do you call the cat that was caught by the police? The purrpatrator.

What do cats like to eat for breakfast? Mice Krispies.

Where is one place that your cat can sit, but you can’t? Your lap.

How many cats can you put into an empty box? Only one. After that, the box isn’t empty.

What does a cat like to eat on a hot day? A mice cream cone.


Not a good day for a bicycle ride.

It rained most of the day, was also not very warm, plus a few thunder storms. Sad So we spent the day in the hot tub. Smile Drinking wine, playing our version of underwater table tennis.


Some people do not understand cold.

When the two elves went for a bicycle ride this morning it was 42 degrees. So Kathy Too and I had several layers of tops and bottoms on and where still feeling the chill. However we saw two women and a man out running. The women where wearing short running shorts and sports bras. The man was in short split leg running shorts, thats all he was even bare footed. When we passed the Sunday Farmer's Market we saw a good number of people cycling home with groceries, wearing tank tops, shorts and sandals.


And you thought nothing ever happened on 11/28

587 Treaty of Andelot: King Guntram of Burgundy names cousin Childebert II as heir

1291 Eleanor of Castile, wife of King Edward I of England, dies in Northamptonshire. Crosses are erected where her body rests on the way to London.

1443 Albanian George Kastriotis Skanderbeg and his forces liberate Kruja in Middle Albania from the Ottomans and raise the Albanian flag.

These things might actually have been important



Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all the humans who visit Siege the Day. Smile For all the turkeys that visit here, I am very sorry you are the food of choice on this holiday Sad



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