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Darkelf's blog

Swtor Game Update 5.10.1: The Wretched Hive

I have spent the last few years playing Star Wars The Old Republic and Tuesday is patch day once again


blue canibal

if Hannibal lecter became a dungeon siege character would he look like this?


blue boy

the adventures of blue boy in legends of Alanna begin


lost tribe of jolly green giants found

ever wonder about a long lost tribe of jolly green giants well recent trips into the jungle have unearthed the tribe pictures attached


Greetings from the dark forests of aman'lu

Been a long time since I visited this blog, but alas it is still here as well as this site so there is some joy left in Aman'lu since it was destroyed.

Real life has been pretty much like Aman'lu... my mother passed away in April, she had bladder and kidney cancer and day ambulance came she had had heart attack...

Since then I have had to hire a lawyer to open estate and now have to wait 9 months if I can keep my childhood home, so I see my current life just like the elves in this game


Decompanion alpha 1

after playing LoA I didn't like the fact Lyssa and Najj had cool weapons graphically but the weapons had no modifiers so this mod was created to fix that, also added pink, red and black variations so now Lyssa and Najj can collect their own weapons as they travel across Aranna.

Decompanion alpha 1

red, black and pink Najj Axe and Lyssa Bow plus modified regular


restarted LoA map defeated bear and fixing pitchforks mod

restarted the LoA map, found the bear and defeated it, found Lyssa and currently making my way through the Lost Queen area.

had some pitchfork drops and was able to test them in game finally...not performing right so trying to fix them currently



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