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Eksevis's blog

Sewer Tile Set

Tried making a sewer tile set. I got 3 / 6 pieces, and I really liked the progress I was making, but I couldn't make a corner piece. To be honest, hoping i can get someone else to do it unless I can just magically figure it out.

I know I wanted a curved edge, originally, but at this point I might even go for something else, if not just making more variations - like a curved corner, and a angled corner, a 90 degree corner. Either way, I'm honestly not seeing either come from me. I might still make a broken bridge, but that's pretty much it.


Dungeon Siege - Consistent Texture Fix

Have you ever equipped a cool looking item, only to find that it looks completely different on your character?

I want to fix that.

However, I do not have the skill to repaint / redraw any textures. Thankfully most of them are only recolors of the inventory's icon, but there are some that look completely different after being equipped, and I want to fix all of these issues to make a mod that you cannot play Dungeon Siege without.

Lets make history, and finish what Gas Powered Games never got around to doing.

How to Help:


Better Sounds v0.3

I've massively updated my Better Sounds mod!

It includes... a LOT of sounds now, and redoes some of the older ones I changed.


Dungeon Siege 1.25 Mod AKA Quarter Mod

What is the Quarter Mod?

To simplify the Quarter Mod would be a mod that'd add some functionality and features that Dungeon Siege II introduced - such as the character ring that shows your current state, or the color changing name over your head - into Dungeon Siege 1.

To the best of my understandings, it'd be relatively easy, but I could use some help and suggestions. All you have to do is point me towards the right files and lines of code so that I can replace/change/add them accordingly to overall improve Dungeon Siege 1.

Things I'd Like to Do:


Could Use Some Help

So, even though I cannot currently play Dungeon Siege 1, there is still things I really want to add to my Ultimate Mod compilation, most notably, adding all of the canon races into singleplayer, and maybe even Elves and Dryads... but like, I tried before and it just didn't work. If you can give me a better idea, I'd appreciate it.. or just send the necessary files and, if I have to, I'll patch the new code into the previously existing files... that's one of the points of Ultimate Mod - removing arbitrary text and even some coding.


I Wish I Could Port Dungeon Siege

As pretty much everyone knows, Dungeon Siege runs pretty horrendously on newer systems, and it's a real bummer... and this really makes me wish I could port it and the gameplay into a newer/better engine, like that of Dungeon Siege 2.


The Ultimate Mod

I know I've basically done this post before, but I wanted to post a more development-centric blog and maybe ask help for the mod.

Presently, these are the implemented changes/mods
Pixie/Fairy Fix
Increased Gold Cap

So yeah, it's not much but I'm nevertheless proud of it... but there's a lot more I need/want to do with this compilation/mod, and here they are.



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