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You might have heard I run with a dangerous crowd

We ain't too pretty, we ain't too proud.
We might be laughing a bit too loud
Ah but that never hurt no one

Only the Good Die Young
-Billy Joel.


Happy Halloween

Do not eat to much candy or you teeth will fall out.


I dislike Wild Fires (forest fires)

I dislike wild fires on many levels. Fighting them, watching them destroy things. But when they are caused by a poorly maintained power grid that really sucks. All the wild fires in recent years and the current ones have been caused by poorly maintained above ground low voltage distribution lines and high voltage transmission lines. The Power Companies in California have recently started what they call Public Safety Power Shutdowns, to prevent their gear from causing fires in low humidity/high wind events. Many millions of people have been without power for almost a week.


Long Delay

I almost forgot about my item creation project in DS2, lol. I wrote the fundamentals in vanilla javaScript, but realized it'd be much better in react. I've been working on an open source game with a few other devs. Having difficulty connecting it to the server I built Sad . However, I will eventually get to it. I want to write it both in React with node and c# for a desktop version. It will be open source.


Strange Weather

5 days ago it was 103 degrees Fahrenheit today it is 39 degrees Fahrenheit! The average for this time of year is 83 degrees Fahrenheit! I want the climate change to stop and things being back to normal (average). I am having cycling withdrawal.


Hamsters vs. Hedgehogs

Hamsters go to the gym and ride stationary bikes to no where.

Hedgehogs ride their mountain bikes up and down steep narrow trails jumping over obstacles.



The Hedgehogs Say Happy 4th of July

The Elf and 3 Hedgehogs wish you a happy 4th of July. The hedgehogs also wonder if you have any water melon or colorful berries.



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