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Dulac's blog

SSD Died

My SSD died, so I lost everything I was working on. Oh well.


Many Projects

I have many projects in general but also for Dungeon Siege.

I'm still figuring out how I will implement an item creation tool. I will probably use MERN stack. I have a version partially done in javaScript that outputs the template in HTML. I think it will be much nicer to generate the template file, which requires me to do it on the server-side. Alternatively, I could program it in C# for desktop. I may decide to do this for an offline version later. This is still in the works.


There is no ALTER_MOVE_SPEED :(

I found ALTER_MOVE_SPEED commented out by GPG in DSII. It seems to not exist and crashed my game when hovering the item. Movement speed modifiers are probably a bad idea for a party game like DSII though. Perhaps it will be easy to increase the speed of all players and monsters to match. It's a bit slow paced. However alter_cast_speed works quite well. There are also alterations for melee and ranged, which will make the game much more interesting. The only difficult part would be to beef up the monsters. There is also a serious lack of items in the game!


Have Random Object Placement Figured out

I figured out how to implement random object placement. It's all in my head right now. The user will be able to have settings for what I'm calling patterns, which can also be saved to a text file. The only problem with the approach I'm taking is that it will take time to get the object placement data. The issue I was facing was no info on the height of nodes, so I thought it will be best to place objects on each type of node and use the points from those objects as seeds for random placement. Each node will have an overall chance to spawn in one of the random seeds.


An Idea for Random Objects

I was thinking if I an figure out an algorithm to randomly place objects in the world to make mapping less tedious, then we could dynamically randomize any object. In theory we could recompile the map after randomizing the monsters with a script, making ds2 or ds1 dynamic. A possible feature could be the user selecting the monster density, levels, types, etc.


Long Delay

I almost forgot about my item creation project in DS2, lol. I wrote the fundamentals in vanilla javaScript, but realized it'd be much better in react. I've been working on an open source game with a few other devs. Having difficulty connecting it to the server I built Sad . However, I will eventually get to it. I want to write it both in React with node and c# for a desktop version. It will be open source.


Progress on Weapon Tool

Not sure if anyone cares (mod scenes is understandably quiet), but it's fun for me to create this item tool when I have time. I've made some more progress for unique ring creation. The enchantment block is a little tricky. The user can add 10 blocks (I just haven't implemented "infinite" blocks yet). I just have to grab the values and spit out the gas code for them. I decided to generate the html select tag with a label and input generated with each select tag.



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