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There is no ALTER_MOVE_SPEED :(

I found ALTER_MOVE_SPEED commented out by GPG in DSII. It seems to not exist and crashed my game when hovering the item. Movement speed modifiers are probably a bad idea for a party game like DSII though. Perhaps it will be easy to increase the speed of all players and monsters to match. It's a bit slow paced. However alter_cast_speed works quite well. There are also alterations for melee and ranged, which will make the game much more interesting. The only difficult part would be to beef up the monsters. There is also a serious lack of items in the game!

I was also working on this for Siege University. I didn't want to make a ton of html files, so I generated the html with javaScript functions, but it's rather tedious. I might decide to do it in React instead. I was trying to be more light weight with it.