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Many Projects

I have many projects in general but also for Dungeon Siege.

I'm still figuring out how I will implement an item creation tool. I will probably use MERN stack. I have a version partially done in javaScript that outputs the template in HTML. I think it will be much nicer to generate the template file, which requires me to do it on the server-side. Alternatively, I could program it in C# for desktop. I may decide to do this for an offline version later. This is still in the works.

Siege University I and II remaster. I'm currently working on this. I've decided to use a template-engine (ejs) with a node server to reduce the amount of HTML (I hate repeating stuff). After I finish that, I will make an offline version (I should be able to save the HTML generated by the template-engine and served to the browser by node). I may host it on Digital Ocean.

Revamping DSII's uniques. I have been designing unique items for Dungeon Siege II since I think items can help out the game quite a bit. After I greatly expand the number of unqiues, I will work on set items. There will be a focus on increasing attack and casting speeds to promote a faster pace. I may have to adjust monsters as well.

New map and custom monsters. I'm planning to work on a DS2 map and hope to complete it this time! This will be a much longer-term project.

New spells are something I'd also like to work on.