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You might have heard I run with a dangerous crowd

We ain't too pretty, we ain't too proud.
We might be laughing a bit too loud
Ah but that never hurt no one

Only the Good Die Young
-Billy Joel.

Disclaimer: You probably have not heard anything about my crowd and most likely could go the rest of your life happily not giving a fig. Me too, actually. Anyway I don't actually run with a dangerous crowd, or like, any crowd at all. I have no idea why, but I can't get that song out of my head the last few days.

Ham fisted Home Invasion. Well...not quite.

Several weeks ago, I'm sitting at my desk enjoying a hot beverage. I hear footsteps quickly coming up the front walk, up the front stairs and blam! Some total asshat comes barging right into my house. Naturally, I am rather alarmed. Grabbing the first object nearest my right hand, I leap into the air brandishing my Febreze AIR Freshener(Crisp Clean scent, just fyi). The erstwhile home invader looks at me like *I* am crazy as I scream at him and the best part is he's TALKING ON HIS DAMN PHONE the entire time.

Me: what the **** are you doing! Aggh!
Asshat: I work here ...
Me: What? NO! GTFO!

After I refresh the air with Crisp Clean scent, Asshat mutters something and leaves, still on that fecking phone. I call upstairs on the intercom and hyperventilate (probably too much Crisp Clean).

Me: Guy...*cough* came in. (Oh, btw, this *cough* is a clever way of foreshadowing coming events. You're Welcome!)
Boyfriend: Huhfuarrgle! *runs downstairs and out the front door*
Do you want me to call the police? Who is this asshat?

Ultimately I decide not to call the cops. Apparently the property next door sold and whomever has it is fixing it up. But really? Even if you are expected someplace to come and work, should you really just come barging into houses willy-nilly? And, well, can't we all use "willy-nilly" more in our day to day lives?

So, if you've actually read this far, you might be wondering why the door was open. The previous night we had some take out pizza (mushroom...mmm) for Monday Night Football and the door was accidentally left unlocked what with arms being full and so on.

Pneumonia! I has it. Sad

I wake up a few mornings later and upper back and chest are very painful and I have a bad headache. In fact, I feel miserable, so naturally I wait about four days to decide to call the doctor. After waiting on hold (absolutely HORRID muzak, btw) I speak to someone and then get put on hold again... Four hours (or ten minutes, whichever) I speak to the nurse and she is flabbergasted that I waited so long to call and thus puts me on hold, again.

Given my middle age-ishness (shut up, I'm not old) Nurse wants me to go to the hospital because I might be having a heart attack. Well, I just might *be* since I am really anxious and getting angry. But no, my heart is just ducky and the chest x-ray reveals that I have pneumonia.

yada yadayada- ER treats with antibiotic IV drip, prescribe more meds to pick up the next day (Friday). Pharmacy doesn't release drugs because the antibiotic is in the same "family" of drugs that I am allergic to. I don't get the meds until the following Monday after. Zoom forward to last Tuesday, I'm still really sick and my primary care provider just can't make any time to see me. So, they get me in to see this other doctor who promptly prescribes antibiotics, prednisone (for chest and back pain) and an inhaler. Ah! THANK YOU! I'm still a little sick, but much much better now.

If you read this whole thing, you are too nice. Thank you.



Kathy Really Febreze AIR Freshener you should like me keep mace (not the kind in a can) to stop home invaders. There are several companies the make medieval weapons. I will have to send you a link or two. I would also be happy to teach you how to use a small crossbow or a pair of Kaikens the double edged kind.
I know you are not old, but darn it Kathy when you are feeling sick do not wait 4 days to call the doctor. Also make darn sure the meds they give you are not on the list of things you are allergic to. I carry a list of what I am allergic to in my wallet, and that is the first thing I give the emergency room at least when I am awake and have one working arm. The list is also on my cell phone. I am happy you are feeling much better. Sorry for ragging on you.

Glad you are feeling better, Had a nice service for Mom Monday and her cremains will be right next to her parents

(and I always read a full post)

I know I shouldn't wait so long to call or ask for help. I just feel like I should tough it out or stop being a baby or whatever. Completely logical, no? Wink And I know you aren't ragging on me Lili, you are absolutely correct about that.

Actually, the medication thing was completely stupid and not on my part, haha. The local hospital has my medical info on file and my primary care provider received an emergency report from the hospital. The ER nurse was able to read which meds I am allergic to on my record, one of which is erythromycin, an antibiotic. The hospital gave me an iv drip of azithromycin and prescribed some tablets of it as well. The pharmacy refused to release the prescription because they said that the two drugs were in the same "family", and thus likely to cause a reaction. Or some such crap.

The ER nurse had said something odd, like somehow I had mispronounced erythromycin and meant azithromycin or what ever, but the information was right there on the computer. Like somehow I don't know what I'm talking about. It was just weird.

The doctor said a few weird things too. So, he's telling me about the chest x-ray and looks down at me and then says "You don't look like you get much sun". Nope, I don't. I explain about skin cancer on my father's side and that's why. He nods and says again, "yeah, but you don't get much sun". Yes, I am pale! What's the point and who cares? Does he want me to go all willy-nilly and get a late fall suntan?

Here's the thing. I'm secretly a vampire ( we all know vamps don't like sun) and I've got a cunning plan to get pneumonia and then...something something. Doc then tells me I'm not allergic to erythromycin and that most people get the upset stomach as a reaction to the drug. I tell him I had gotten hives after taking it. Doctor Sunshine gets all frowny face at that.

So then my boyfriend speaks up about the pain I've been having and what can the sun, er, what can the doctor do about that? The doc is standing by the curtain facing away from us and says "Well, it's like the Old West. I have an old bullet I can give her to bite down on." So I say "Oh, I'm not that rugged" and then he walks off.

I don't know. I really don't.
Plus, I'm kind of pale.

And H. *Hugs* to you to.

The doctor is self medicating... he must have wanted you to shoot him with his bullet... much easier my vampire friend to get blood without getting pneumonia, just bite people in a Walmart parking lot, everyone expects weird crimes at Walmart. Laughing out loud