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DS2 AnimViewer

... i've re-installed some stuff recently and so i've stumbled over it again:
If you try to find/assign a texture onto a mesh, the DS2AnimViewer.exe only lists PSD textures ignoring RAW and DDS. Sad

Hex-editors are sometimes really good friends. So if you don't want to type in *.* in the open-file-dialog for every folder where you assume textures, then Frhed may help here:
- Open DS2AnimViewer.exe (maybe better make a backup before)
- Press 'Tab' to jump the right side
- Press Ctrl+F and search for the term 'Texture Files' (only exists once)
- After 4 steps to the right overwrite 'PSD' with '*.*'
- Save it.

Well, this is just a simple work-around. Now all kind of files will be listed, even those DS2AnimViewer.exe can't handle (and crashes eventually)...

Moreover the AnimViewer seems to be able to remind one folder only - not really pleasant to handle all the meshes, anims and textures within Objects.ds2res and its extended folder structure. To have at least one anchor in the open-file-dialog, i've used Tweak UI to replace one folder in the Places Bar with the 'art' folder.

(1280×1024, 534 kb)



Does anybody know/remember how i get the Mesh-GUID of a unknown/custom node?
I would like to update the gas file in world/global/siege_nodes/ so it's possible to work with them in SE2.

Most probably this problem was more popular with DS1, so i've tried out these nodes in SE1. Amazingly, the SE1 can sometimes open/displace some of these unidentified nodes (e.g. t_sea02_wall-tx-24-r-a) as if i had overseen a gas file listing this 'unknown' node. In other cases however (e.g. t_dc01_skull-dgn_front_base_b) the node won't be displayed although it exists as game resource and also the naming keys are covering the file name.