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KillerGremal's blog

A modder's screen-shots

Recently I strumbled upon some screen-shots that weren't online for some time, until now again.


Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony

I recently noticed that the official web site of Throne of Agony is no longer online, and even in the web archive it's not completely available (some 'sub-flash files' are probably missing).


can read, not write

The power supply device of my DS2 PC collapsed (rather: exploded - all lights went off).
The old Pc (intel celeron 400?, 196mb ram, Firefox 1.0) i'm using now has no keyboard anymore, pretty painful to 'type' with the mouse only via this auxiliary Windows tool...

I'll keep you up to date (much) later.


A maze for DS

I was looking for a lost piece of experimental code to possibly tune my mods with, and while browsing the backup folders I stumbled upon an old trial about creating/importing labyrinths for the siege editor.


Tank from DS1 to DS2

How to transform a 'basic resource' tank from DS1 into a resource tank for DS2:
(in this context 'basic resource' refers to textures, sounds, models)


DS2 AnimViewer

... i've re-installed some stuff recently and so i've stumbled over it again:
If you try to find/assign a texture onto a mesh, the DS2AnimViewer.exe only lists PSD textures ignoring RAW and DDS. Sad

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