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U6 Project Interview

There is a nice interview at RPGwatch with Jesse 'Zephyr' Strachman the co-lead producer of the U6 Project.

Something old and exciting

Marcus Al’Ruen, Scribe of King Rathmor wrote:
Where does one simply begin to explain the vast history of our lands, of Aranna? Never
before has the history of Aranna been told, never has its great story been heard in its
entirety. Wars were waged, kingdoms fell, and the world was broken. Every event that
leads to where I sit today, every battle, every invasion, every hero, all happened as a
result of a previous occurrence. Discovering the history of Aranna cannot be possible

New news from GPG

There's lots of new news in the latest GPG newsletter, including an interview with Demigod's lead designer with more details on Demigod, mention of some upcoming SpaceSiege goodies and even announcing MP Sudoku on GPGnet!

Demigod revealed by GPG

There will be new game in town by GPG.

1UP wrote:
Chris Taylor's Gas Powered Games is best known for its RTS Supreme Commander and its action-RPG series Dungeon Siege -- so maybe it's just the natural course of evolution that the developer's newest game, Demigod, should borrow a bunch from both of those genres: It's an action/RPG/RTS hybrid, inspired partly by the popular WarCraft III mod Defense of the Ancients.


Dawn of Aranna

Not sure if this qualifies as siegelet but posting about it here. There is a new MMORPG being developed for DS2 called Dawn of Aranna. Looks pretty good in it's Alpha stage:

Dungeon Siege II: Dawn of Aranna (DSII: DoA)
That's the name of the CONTINUE OF BW.
A group of fans develope this continue.
It will be a MMORPG, so it will be many work and we need more mappers, modders and programmers.

Happy new year!!

I hope this new year will grant us a good DS movie and lots of great mods and gameplay! ^^
Oh, and a DS3 announcement! Smile

May you always have lots of friends, and always be able to slay Krug!


Who cares about the holidays or getting a new armor?

SiegeNetwork is back! ^^

ps. Thanks for pointing it out sjr.


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