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Demigod Beta announced

GPG Newsletter wrote:
Gas Powered Games and Stardock are happy to announce the limited beta
test of Demigod. If you pre-order Demigod from Stardock's Impulse
digital download platform, you can start testing the exclusive beta
right now.

To pre-order Demigod, simply follow this link:

server hardware upgrade

Got this in the mail today:


The server is hosted on will be undergoing
a hardware upgrade at approximately

10PM MST Wednesday September 17th

We expect the downtime for the account to be 1-2 hours, but could be
completed long before that window. This upgrade will greatly increase
performance on your server and therefor your account. We apologize
for any inconvenience.

HostMonster Support

Space Siege Demo Released!

Gas Powered Games has released a demo for their upcoming "Spiritual Successor" to the Dungeon Siege series.

Ongoing discussions on Space Siege can be found in this SiegeTheDay thread:

Demigod trailer and interview

GPG and Stardock has released a trailer on Gamespot with an interesting interview about the game with Chris Taylor, CEO and founder of Gas Powered Games, and Brad Wardell, CEO of publisher Stardock.

Here's an overview of the game:

Demigod is a tactical strategy game in which players are battling to ascend to godhood. A god has vanished and his children now battle to take his place.

Ultima 6 Project Milestone 5 Released

It is with much pleasure that we announce the release of Team Archon's next milestone of the Ultima 6 Project, Milestone 5 for Dungeon Siege 1 (PC and Mac). Some things to look forward to in this release:

* New areas to explore (Trinsic, Jhelom, Moonglow, New Magincia, Serpent's Hold, Skara Brae, Sutek's Castle, Trinsic)
* Enhancements to existing areas
* New plot details and quests and other subtle refinements
* Numerous enhancements to the core gameplay such as:

Switch to php5

I'm going to switch over to php5 so I can update the platform to a more recent version. But if anything bad happens rest assured that Siegetheday will be back quickly. (I have tons of backups)

DSMMORPG is back!

brkopac and xmen90s have confirmed that their DSMMORPG project is back up and running! Laughing out loud Equally happy news is that they are making it a "GPL / Open source project".

Read more here:


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