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Scary??? VERY SCARY!!!

Scarier than creepy clowns? Shock

Scarier than that movie "Jason vs Aliens vs Freddy Krueger on Friday the 13th on Elm St."?

Scarier than this guy?

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A Nightmare on Mod Street...or is it

A different nightmare all together??! Shock

So I finished these in time for Halloween, Zombie "costumes" and Halloween shields. Not that it matters, right? Not like anyone is going to actually download and play with these, lol. Tongue

I've got to get a shout out to my boyfriend. Love Innocent I was having some weird errors while testing the shields. He doesn't know jack about modding but he went through the gas file and found a "(" when there should have been a "[".

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Don't be a WHAT?? and other Internet adventures.

So this afternoon I am browsing this site called Spoonflower.The site is kinda cool, you create a design and they will make fabric (lots of different fabrics, for everything from quilting to swimwear, curtains, dresses and fleecey stuff), plus wallpaper or giftwrap. It's rainy and gross out and I have a cold, so just amusing myself. You never know what cool fabric you can find for a DS armor mod or other projects.

I'm looking at "pink floral" designs when up pops a penis print (pun totally intended).

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Buncha shirtless floaty heads up in here

I know I put the shirts in correctly, but I copied the extra textures from DS REvived (flowers, cobwebs and so on) to the common shirt list. Farmboy and Farmgirl did not have the "common" option, just the one shirt each. Apparently, that wasn't good enough for them. They wanted flowers! And *this* is why we can't have nice things, zombies. Sad

I know I will get it fixed, when my headache goes away. Stupid zombies, no braiiinnnsss (see how clever that was , hur hur). Oups

I tried making zombie only hair, but...the results were mixed.

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The zombies are coming, the zombies are com...ack!

So, it's October now, and the summer has just flown by again. But that means Halloween is coming, one of my favorite childhood holidays. I last went out trick or treating as a senior in high school and some people were reluctant to give me candy. "Aren't you too old for this?" Psssh. Free candy, man. No one is too old for that. Plus I think I was a little drunk... *blush* (don't tell my Dad!)

Anyway, I was fooling around last night and wanted to make DS Halloween costumes. At first I was going to do Freddy Krueger, because we have his hat and his claws (kinda sorta) in the game.

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The Best Helm I Never Had...

All these years I have been without when I really could have used a helm like this. Party

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MIdnight Modding


Well, I know the things I did wrong to produce these results, but I still thought they were kind of funny. This is what happens when I mod stuff in the middle of the night. Smile

Bad Hair Day:

Nice Bow?

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