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Greetings from the dark forests of aman'lu

Been a long time since I visited this blog, but alas it is still here as well as this site so there is some joy left in Aman'lu since it was destroyed.

Real life has been pretty much like Aman'lu...

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Loincloth guys for Kathy


Hi Kathy,
I thought I should find some guys in Loincloths, because you said even Krugs can rock a loin cloth Smile These guys rock Wink

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Who is this Scarthrall guy?

I came across this file the other day in the LoA expansion.dsres. I don't recall seeing it in the Aranna storyline. He's a pretty cool looking gargoyle type thing, with a similar layout to the DS1 gargoyle except much more detailed.

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Time to Summon the Forge

I was saving/backing up a bunch of stuff off my old laptop and I found a mod from many moons ago. Makes me feel nostalgic and stuff. I was sad to see Herena Forge go but everyone has to move on at some point. I feel so glad that we have a home here at Siege the Day.

Mod Title: Summon the Forge

Author/s/: Charietto, KathyCF, and Bare_Elf


This mod is a graphics adaptation to Dungeon Siege, which adds new spells, new characters, and some new armor.

Summon the Forge.zip3.76 MB
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Is Photobucket still being stupid? I was just now checking my albums to see about downloading them and noticed that I can post some pictures and others not. Some of them have been given the "upgrade your account' crap treatment, even in my album.

I suppose the crap image is from the pictures I had previously posted here. Hmm. I'll guess I will find out when Photobucket updates itself. Stupid fricking Photobucket.

Update: Yes, Photobucket are still being jerks. I need to hire someone to "take care" of them...if you know what I mean...

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A modder's screen-shots

Recently I strumbled upon some screen-shots that weren't online for some time, until now again.

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Alicia Keys

Love this singer and this song. Alicia Keys Pawn it All
Why do I keep falling in love with people like her?

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