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This mod is really a huge work in progress. It is not finished, nor is it in 100% working condition. The 2 maps I am releasing it with it are not finished and are subject to change. This is being released so that I can receive feedback and add/remove features. Honestly, it's more of a pre-alpha than an alpha, but that don't matter all that much.

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Reign of Chaos

Reign of Chaos is a fun map created by Psychogun.

update : 08/03/05


Designed for Dungeon Siege Legends of Aranna
Single Player only

Extract the file "ChaosEV.dsmap" in the folder "Dungeon Siege\Map\"
Extract the file "Chaos.dsres" in the folder "Dungeon Siege\Resources\"

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BETA 0.997

Abstraction is a very interesting adaptation of LoA. Unique weapons, armor, characters and quests.
Elf bare_elf

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Cat Mansion Adepts


Mod Title: Cat Mansion Adepts!FxdXmKpL!SXe8j-lkYTTRW8-5iOj6IZ8qphm-52x2xQBrTU2-9ew Use this link
Author(s): Irwin Ryan (iryan) & Lili Wells (bare_elf)
Special Thanks: Hamcat (character models), Omniscient_Colossus and Techiem2-r(for hosting)

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Dark Tide Rising


Dark Tide Rising

This is an adventure map for characters level 55 and higher. It is especially intended for mixed skill

multiplayer parties. There are challenging paths, large areas to explore, and many noble quests and rich

treasures to be found. There are some shops and tough monsters along the way; but it is not a shopping,

set item collecting, or experience boosting map.

It is compatible with Dungeon Siege1 and Legends of Aranna. Place it in the maps folder in the Dungeon

Siege directory.

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update : 28/10/04

Translation by Tom (tmr819 SiegeNetwork member)

Designed for Dungeon Siege 1.1 or more
Single Player only

Extract the file "Abyss.dsmap" in the folder "Dungeon Siege\Map\"
Extract the file "Abyss.dsres" in the folder "Dungeon Siege\Resources\"

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Legends of Utrae


Legends of Utrae v3.2
By Irwin Ryan with creative input by Cyberatog
Extra models by Ghastley, Witness, Omniscient_Colossus, Ikkyo & Snowfox
December 12, 2004
I. Requirements

Dungeon Siege Lengends of Aranna Expansion Pack (version 1.5)

II. Introduction

Legends of Utrae is a modification of the Utraean Peninsula "Stones of Utrae" map for
Dungeon Siege (TM) by Gas Powered Games.

It is playable in both singleplayer and multiplayer and includes many features from the


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