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Package icon CMDMod_v0(ALPHA).zip3.13 MB

This mod is really a huge work in progress. It is not finished, nor is it in 100% working condition. The 2 maps I am releasing it with it are not finished and are subject to change. This is being released so that I can receive feedback and add/remove features. Honestly, it's more of a pre-alpha than an alpha, but that don't matter all that much.

Basically what the mod does is allow you to control up to 8 squads of units. Each squad contains 3-8 units, which follow the 'Field Commander' (ie, the party member). The point is to add a little more RTS into the game, and eventually have large-scale battles where you control one side and the AI (or hopefully another player), controls the other. In addition, co-op can be played, though due to Dungeon Siege's limitations, it can be frustrating to control. Singleplayer is recommended.

The first map (Fedwyrr's Ridge) is a more linear map, which I will eventually give a story line and make it longer.
The second map (The Zaurask Rebellion, to be renamed to Mhakesha Outskirts) is a wave-based map, where you fend off increasingly difficult waves of Zaurask. This goes on forever (or until the generators run out, there are about 10,000 or so in each generator, so good luck with that).

Co-Op does work, but you have to do the whole shift-number (or whatever it would be depending on your key assignments) to switch squads. Right now, Co-Op mode is PvE. A PvP map was made, but I later scrapped it to re-work it, and its mechanics.

The feedback thread can be found here:
Post any questions, concerns, feedback, advice, ideas, etc, in the linked thread.

Once again. Feedback would be appreciated, and I hope that while I iron everything out you all enjoy this broken, buggy mess!

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