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Have you ever made a mod for the DS-games?

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Fill in the blank.


Just curious. ^^

Some mods are just one new skin for an armor. Others are a whole new map with a dozen new mobs and new playables.

Do they count as one each? If so Xaa has made two!

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I wasn't thinking of maps and siegelets as mods for this poll, but they are of course mods by definition.
But I guess that if you have made a map or siegelet you can count it as more than 10. Smile

do they have to be completed? Wink

I am in the process of finishing two small armor mods for DS1 and LOA. All seems to be going fairly smoothly except for the silly icons... Smile

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Well I'm only counting my_test_world as one... so I'm in the first category. Unless you count the tons of testing versions I really only made two final products (MTW and a little MF mod). I did a couple other things playing around with untanked bits and DS2Mod, but never finished anything else. Smile

Well, almost one. Succubus Queen - single-player version now in beta, so not entirely finished.

This is to use her in maps other than Abstraction, where she will remain MP-only.

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I have a tendancy to start things but not finish things, and I wouldn't be surprised if there were others just like me. I wonder what would happen if everybody pitched in there old unfinished mods? I know I have quite a bit of unused art sitting around, because I could never get the patience to balance the damages in the gas files.

The Odds and Ends weapons mod comes to mind, theres quite a bit of models and art in it, but no balanced gas sheets.

I would be in the 10 plus mod category. As well as the 10+ non completed mods category. And other things that merged or separated off of other things. For example I have just thrown in several little mods into Abstractions just so they were put into some use or in the siegelet but not used.

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10 or more mods. and 20 or more unreleased, isnt it funny how we make more unreleased than we ever release, i was telling the folks in irc the other day its a shame that people dont release their unreleased maps or mods for that matter. I for one am itching to populate some maps with monsters but just dont feel like stitching gpg maps together to do so, as it takes alot of time to do so.

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Well guys, there is a section for unfinished projects. Check the help for information on how to upload.

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I also fall into the over 10 released, and heaven knows how many I do just to entertain myself, but never submit.