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lost tribe of jolly green giants found

ever wonder about a long lost tribe of jolly green giants well recent trips into the jungle have unearthed the tribe pictures attached

Image icon loagreen2.jpg343.66 KB
Image icon loablue.jpg363.63 KB


Cool colors, DE. I like the first/second guy and the dark blue best, but they all look good. Now they need some snazzy armor to match. Smile

there is 6 blue and 6 green to choose from...i need to work on the camera though cause they too large to see face on selection screen..i may expand the mod to farm boy and girl next it not as hard to do as thought it be ... lot easier than ds2 for sure

Great stuff.
I only used the scale modifier to make smaller peoples to combat the giants (which were normal sized people)
And had the same problem you had with the camera, but the reverse.
Never tried making giants though.
I wish I knew how to change the cameras.
Please lets us see more screens of this mod when you get that going.