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Playing vs. Modding

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Have you spent more time playing Dungeon Siege games than you have modifying them, or more time creating mods?
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plug and play

You know what i've only discovered and used mods 2 years ago. Because thats when my Internet connection got sped up. THanks to all you modders who rob me of my sleep and extend the life span of my games. So Playing is really spent on my time.

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I think there is a

I think there is a difference in testing and playing for entertainment though.

It's like comparing development of an app and using it. The testing of the app would, in my opinon, be considered part of the development.

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Good point...

Good point... Smile

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Not a fair question

When you do any modding, even a heavy-duty modder spends more time play-testing what he creates than he does making it. Voted a tie, because I can count the test time as modding or playing, and get any answer I want.

Right now I'm "playing" the new Halloween map (with my content) from Charietto, but I'm really testing the mod.

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Lots of play time... :-)

Heh... no heavy duty modders have voted (yet?). For me, I'll never catch up to my play time, well over a thousand hours... possibly over 2K. My modding time is probably around 100 hours... and I don't have any plans for a significant project.