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kathycf's blog

Rotten Ribbon Thing

Well, the good news is that there were no exception errors. I was able to use the first version of the ribbons and save the game. I deleted 1st version and put in 2nd version and reloaded the game. Peachy. I found a few minor mistakes w/ icons and such.

But I'm going to have to do the entire gas file over again, since I did something wrong. I just don't know what. So, basically a waste of two hours, plus the time creating icons and other crap. If I tear my hair out in frustration I don't think I will be able to wear a ribbon... Not peachy!


Ribbons and ... nausea?

That conjures up so many unpleasant images in my mind. I know that it is mean to inflict that on others but I'm so frickin tired and cranky right now that idgaf. This last week has not been kind to me and my health insurance is changing plans so I couldn't get any appointments this past week. I'm just going to go up there in person Monday and like, threaten to go full Exorcist all over their office.


FG Skins are done now


I've made some new face and hair textures for both Dungeon Siege 1 and Dungeon Siege LoA. I borrowed quite heavily from the Cutie Girl Revived skin textures by PhoeniX and DDLullu including the a1 mesh that allows the use of alpha channels.

I've included the type 2 armor mesh also made by DDLullu.
Plus the reduced shoulder type 4 and Little Red Riding Hood robe model made by ghastely.

All due credit to them as well as my thanks for allowing use of their content.



More Farmgirl Skins

I have like 15 iterations of this mod. Well, there are more textures scattered around, but I keep finding something that's just not right or looks bad.

Here are some of the latest screenshots. My changes are listed by skin number with a letter following.

Face texture fg 007 might be my least favorite skin. It just irks me.


Hurricane Asshat

So Hurricane Isaias "stormed" Wink up the Eastern Coast of the US after wreaking havoc over Puerto Rico and the Bahamas. By the time it reached New England it was downgraded to a Tropical storm and eventually dissipated over Quebec, Canada. Such FUN!


Amazon kind of creeped me out

I ordered a Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon several days ago. It's been really nice, better than I expected. Normally I'm sort of "old school" with reading. I like the feel of holding the book and curling up and reading. Local libraries have been closed for months and I was getting really frustrated. My sister suggested the Kindle Reader for the computer, which I liked. But...can't curl up somewhere with the computer and read. Kinda awkward.


Other Games: Lord of the Rings Online

Hey guys - looonnggg blog entry alert.



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