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kathycf's blog

A really fun online photo editor: Photofunia

This web site , Photofunia is super fun, easy to use and offers a wide array of effects. I made most of the samples DS related. Laughing out loud

It's a lot of pics, sorry. Sad They were all so fun, I kept wanting to put more.


EYE don't get it, wherre are my shields?

I re tanked the eye shields with a priority of 800, but they don't show up, like, anywhere. When I first tested them I had removed any other mods that contained shields and the eye shields showed up. I put the Halloween shields back and no eye shields. Darkelf and bare_elf both report not finding the shields as well. I r confused. Maybe it's the pcontent?

The shields are in the game, I gave them to myself with the console command, so I just don't know. Sad


March 17

Not everyone wore "Kiss me I'm Irish" pins back in the day or drank green beer. When America despised the Irish

This Day in History:

461 Saint Patrick dies
St. Patrick’s Day Myths Debunked

American Revolution
1776 British evacuate Boston


Mr Feet, Mr Feet, Mr Feet

If you say his name 3 times, (just like Bloody Mary, Candyman and Beetlejuice) preferably while standing in a darkened bathroom, staring into the mirror with a flashlight held under your chin, he comes to you.

He comes to you with his feeeeeeet... Shock

How would you like those feet snuggled against you on a cold winter's night? eep!


Another eye, another shield (and surgery, boo)

An update to my OHMYEYE shield featuring 2 shields.

Warning! Long rambling story ahead. If you want the shields you can skip ahead and download them as an attachment at the end of the post.


Happy Lupercalia! (and that other thing that happens on Feb. 14)

So yeah, it is still Valentine's Day (here), for a little while. Tomorrow, however, marks the celebration of Lupercalia, a festival that may be of interest to our various wolfy fans. Smile

From Encyclopædia Britannica:



Do you guys know Lenny from the Simpsons? He's always getting stuff in his eyes. "OH my eye, I'm not supposed to get Republicans in it!" (teeehee)

Lenny's eye compilation:]

Well, I am having cataract surgery today (and that is more common for people over 40, not 55 as some other web page said. Not any where near 55 TYVM. The closest I have come to 55 is the speed limit on the highway!)



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