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Help with setting up the game

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Hi, after deciding to replay one of my childhood favorites and seeing that this site was still active, I decided to make an account and ask for help.

I have both the CD and Steam version of the game on hand and would like to know what I need to get started on a modern windows 10 PC (read about necessary patches the other day) and if there are "must-have" mods. I'd also like to know if there is a simple way to modify the droprate of set items/uniques on my own (most of the mods for it seem to overtune it by a lot and my intention is to simply increase the odds a little)

thanks for any advice!

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Hi treibholz, and welcome.

Which version of the game do you have? Basic Dungeon Siege or Dungeon Siege-Legends of Aranna?

Well, whichever you have, I think you will have a much easier time with the CD. The Steam version of Dungeon Siege does not have DS:LoA enabled by default although there are some fixes for this issue.

If you are having any issues getting the game to run you can browse the DS1 and LoA technical support forum.

For must have mods, I suggest first getting a camera mod as well as an inventory mod. A mod manager can also be helpful. You can visit the Downloads section here to see all the various mods available, ranging from character and armor/weapon mods to maps and Siegelets as well as the mods mentioned above. I can recommend a couple that I like, as a jumping off point.

Legends of Utrae - a single player version of the DS1 multi player map, but with many additional quests, content, recruitable NPCs and character models, items and other features.

LoA CutieGirl Revived version 2 There is an earlier version of this mod in the LoA section, but I suggest the one I linked.

Just as a note, both of those mods will require DS LoA.

Also, check out this post in General Discussion here. There is a large mod repository from Zhixalom. This offers a bunch of mods and maps, an inventory mod, a mod/map manager, modding tools and also help with technical issues regarding Dungeon Siege and Windows 7/8/10. The DS1 and LoA Mod Development forum is also worth taking a look at.

ummm, So I think that's it. I cannot offer any advice regarding the drop rate of items or rares. Maybe someone else will wander in and help you with that.