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Zhixalom's Lair - Dungeon Siege Manager plus many mods

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Zhixalom, the author of Zhixalom’s Dungeon Siege Manager has updated this useful program to version 1.9. You can view the change log and download the program at Zhixalom's Lair. He has also started a Facebook group for Dungeon Siege fans. You can learn more HERE.

Another really (really) cool addition to the website is Zhixalom's DSLoA Addon package which features a whole slew of mods and maps as well as siegelets and conversions . The conversions include Copperhead and Elemental in addition to Xaa's The Lands of Hyperborea Siegelet.

Also included in the package is the DS toolkit, help for running Dungeon Siege on Windows 7, 8 and 10, and some additional modding tools (very handy). This package also includes the updated Dungeon Siege manager.

I downloaded it myself and am looking forward to playing these mods, some of which I have never heard of. It's quite a big download, by the way, but he has also broken it down into a series of smaller and more manageable downloads. You can download the package at Zhixalom's DSLoA addon package.

I must check this out myself