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Mod Title: DsChaliceOfTheStars-Alpha2
The great siegelet for DS2 Broken World created by a team of German fans:
Project Management
Tandor – Organizer
Davy Jones - Senior Mapper
Belagerer - Senior Modder
Project Staff
Assassine - Mapper
Baller - Translator
Gamaggedon - Translator
Merogon - Items
Volkan - Textures
Akrodos - 3d Modeler

Known Issues:
Certain regions become inaccessible after you save and return to game.
If you are also playing with KillerGremal’s Utraean Peninsula mod, there are object texture (orange/black) issues. And the water and lava flow uphill.

Change Log:
Added the radar and fixed north vector problems for certain regions.
Fixed syntax errors that kept map from loading correctly.


Tank Priority = 1000
Mod Version Number: Alpha2
Release Date: February 7, 2011
Mod Size (approx.): 250 MB
Contact Information:

Installation Instructions:
1. If you have previous version installed delete and place DsChaliceOfTheStars-Alpha2, DS1_Nodes_to_DS2 and DSLoA_Nodes_to_DS2 into your C: Program Files/2K Games/Dungeon Siege 2 Broken World/Resources folder.

Uninstall Instructions:
1. Remove all .ds2res files from the directory where installed.

Requirements / Compatibility
Requires DS2 Broken World and Elys DS2 Succubus Manager to play.

Compatibility issues:
⦁ Water and Lava flows uphill when playing with KillerGremal’s Utraean Peninsula mod.
· Texture issues when also playing with KillerGremal’s Utraean Peninsula mod.
· If you find any problems please email me or post a comment in the forums.

Mod Details
Single Player: Y
Multi-Player: Host must have installed
Difficulty Settings: N
New Graphics: Y
New Sounds / Music: Y
New Weapons: Y
New Armor: Y
New Spells: Y
New Misc. Items (Rings, Amulets...): Y
New Character(s): N
New Enemy Type(s): Y
Modified Experience / Attribute System: N
Modified Loot Drops: N
Modified Container: Y
Modified GUI: N
Modified / Custom Map: Y
Modified other:
Modding Tools Used: Gasviewer, Tank Creator, (1&2) Tank Viewer, (1&2) Dungeon Siege Tool Kit, (1&2) Note Tab Light, The Gimp, Raw to PSD, PSD to Raw, DDS Converter 2.

Content provided by: GasPoweredGames and the Dawn of Aranna staff
Read Me by Sharkull

Permission is given to use this mod for game playing and you may use any or all of the items contained herein as long as credit is given to the author(s). This mod can be redistributed unchanged and may not be sold in part or in whole.

All title and intellectual property rights to the content of this mod are the property of the respective content owner(s) and may be protected by applicable copyright or other intellectual property laws and treaties.

Gas Powered Games and Dungeon Siege 2 are the exclusive trademarks of Gas Powered Games Corp and Microsoft. Dungeon Siege 2 Broken World is the exclusive trademark of Gas Powered Games and 2K Games

The author(s) of this mod accepts no responsibility for damage to data, or physical damage to hardware, caused by the appropriate or inappropriate use of this mod.


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