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Ancient Gifts Mod

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Mod Title: Ancient Gifts
With the cataclysm that put an end to the second age, many ancient knowledges were lost.
Today as the earth shakes under army's march, the foundations of the second age reemerged from there ruins.
This mod is an attempt to bring new lore-friendly content, such as new skill tables, spells, weapons, armors and ...

Direct Link to the Topic: Here

Author: HardLess, Mantella


Mod Version Number: 1c

Tank Priority: 2500

Release Date: 27 May 2014

Mod Size (approx.): 4716 KBytes/4737 KBytes

Installation Instructions:
Place Ancient_Gifts_Beta_1b.ds2res into the Dungeon Siege 2 Broken World Resources folder.

Uninstall Instructions:
Remove Ancient_Gifts_Beta_1b.ds2res from the Dungeon Siege 2 Broken World Resources directory.

This mod requires Dungeon Siege 2 Broken World.

Compatibility issues:
1. This mod should not conflict with DS2BW, however it does conflict with other mods that modify the hero, skills (active or passive) and GUI.
2. If you find any problems please send me a comment at SiegeTheDay or using the email specified in contact.

Mod Details:
Single Player: Y
Multi-Player: Y
Difficulty Settings: N
New Graphics: Y
New Sounds / Music: N
New Weapons: Y
New Armor: Y
New Spells: Y
New Misc. Items (Rings, Amulets...): N
New Character(s): N
New Enemy Type(s): N
Modified Experience: N
Modified Attribute System: Y
Modified Loot Drops: N
Modified Container: N
Modified GUI: Y
Modified Custom Map: N
Modified Skill Tabs: Y
Modified Items Modifiers: Y
Modified Spells: Y

Modding Tools Used: Siege Tools, DS2 Rapid Tank Creator, TankViewer2, Photoshop CS6 and XnView.

Content provided by GasPoweredGames, HardLess and Mantella.
Special thanks to KillerGremal, DarkElf, Bare-Elf, Dulac and Iryan.

Permission is given to use this mod for game playing and you can use this in your mod as long as credits are given to the authors and one of the authors gave his permission. This mod can be redistributed unchanged and may not be sold in part or in whole.

All title and intellectual property rights to the content of this mod are the property of the respective content owner and may be protected by applicable copyright or other intellectual property laws and treaties.
Dungeon Siege 2 Broken World is the exclusive trademark of Gas Powered Games and 2K Games

The authors of this mod accepts no responsibility for damage to data, or physical damage to hardware, caused by the appropriate or inappropriate use of this mod.

Future Additions or Changes:
_Bugs correcting
_New weapons and armors
_New skill tabs
_New spells
_New GUI
_New functionalities

Ancient Gifts Beta 1a: Download it

Ancient Gifts Beta 1a for Aranna Legacy: Download it.

HardLess and Mantella

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MiuMelody's picture

Which link is valid? There is a 7.3 MB and a 4 MB file.

Both links are valid. One is for when you are playing with the Aranna Legacy Mod the other is for when you are not.


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If I get this mod will it work if I have the mod installed?

Ancient Gifts and BW_Spells_Reload have no compatibility conflicts and will work together.

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Thank you very much Smile

I know I am writing this in 2016 so I am not overly hopeful about getting a reply, but is there any way this could be made to work with Elys Succubus Manager as well as Aranna Legacy? As of right now when I use Elys Succubus Manager ( from ) The soul of iron skills won't work.

Thank you.

Raymus's picture

You've come to exactly the right site, we're still alive and kicking.

Now, the only thing I can suggest, as I am not particularly mod savvy, is to uncheck "Load succubus modlet" if you're not actually using any of the races added by it. I use Succubus Manager myself and I don't have issues with Soul of Iron skills (I don't actually use the mod anymore though) I do not recall if the Modlet alters any basic stats or skills, so that might also be a compatibility issue. Or not.

Be aware that if by 'skills' you actually mean 'powers', The Soul of Iron class doesn't actually have any powers yet. I believe HardLess intends on adding those sometime in the future, but I wouldn't expect them any time soon because I'm not even sure if he is or not.
So if that's the issue, then the Succubus Modlet and Aranna Legacy are working fine with Ancient Gifts.

Also, ensure you're using the right version of Ancient Gifts. The one that is made for Aranna Legacy.

Thank you for responding Raymus, good to know that this game still has a community.

I tried not using the modlet and that fixed the issue. It's somewhat unfortunate because I wanted to use one of the mod races but I like the ancient gifts mod more. Either way thanks for your help. It's also unfortunate to learn that this mod appears to have been abandoned before the powers could be added, but I still like the skill tree.

Welcome to Siege the Day. We are still here and a very active little community. This mod has not been abandoned, HardLess and Mantella do still update it from time to time. Sometimes it takes a while, because we all have real lives besides the modding and playing of the various versions of Dungeon Siege.

Again Welcome

Killerloli's picture

I wrote this on the forum part for this mod too, did this since I got a bit confused, but still here it is again >.<

I have little ide for the ranged/nature skill tree, it's just a realy basic ide but it might come in handy to create something around it.

I'm thinking that the archer is giving it's summoned creature commands throu spells, think of it as "commands" for a trained battle/war beast theme, let's say that one spell might command the pet to rend it's target while another spell commands it to stun a single target, and the archer on top of this could gain bonuses depending on the summoned pet (perhaps implementing this with new summons)

Well it's just a thought and I have never made any mods so I acctually have no ide how much effort this will take.

Hope it could come in handy since this is my fav mod here (especially that you can have it together with Aranna Legacy)