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This nice little program makes it very simple to rename files of any type. I have used it to rename DS1 image file names to DS2 image file names. I was able to rename all the DS1 type one armor images to ds2 type six armor images in under two minutes.

Thank You J. Falcao



This one will let you rename all your files like with the DOS command,
but with a lot more options. You can :
batch rename all files and/or folders,
add string to beginning or end of filenames,
remove string from all the names to rename,
change all the file extensions,
numerate all filenames sequentially,
convert all to uppercase / lowercase,
trim 'x' characters from beginning or end of filenames,
replace spaces inside filename to anything else
or eliminate all spaces,
replace one string from the name with any other,
change file and folder creation/last written dates,
add date and/or time to filename,
and much, much more...!

Can work with one or multiple folders.
Remove or add individual items from file list.
Select multiple files from Open dialog box.
Supports Drag and Drop from Explorer to Renamer's window.
Renames directories (only from drag and drop).
Renames shortcuts' names.
Sort files by file date, name or type.
Also has infinite 'undo' function for all renames done, so it is safe
to test at will, as you can always undo all changes made..

Remembers last renaming strings, and new file extensions can be
added to be used next time.

Accepts a command line with the format
'renamer.exe '
always as a pair of names 'old'--'new' , as many as you need, separated
by spaces.

And it can create a new windows explorer context menu item so that
you can right click on Explorer and directly send all selected files
or directory names to be renamed into the program.

You can also create 'scripts', combining several options to be
applied in one go, so effectively creating brand new options to
rename all your files. To do this, you just select options like
if you were renaming a file, and press the 'Add Line' in the
script editor; then you select another options, and press the
'Add Line' button again, and so forth until you are happy with
the result. Choose a name for the script, and it will always be
available as a new option, from the drop down list.

Uses translation to diverse languages - for now only English
and Portuguese, but if you want to contribute with other translations
just email me with the translated strings.

Install / Uninstall

I never liked programs that install files all over the hard disk;
To install the program, you only have to copy the files to a suitable
directory, and then run it from there.

To uninstall, you only have to delete the directory you created and
the files within, and... that's all !

Please note: if you have used Renamer's popup menu to create an Explorer
context menu item, use it again to remove that same item, before deleting
renamer's folder, ok?

Contact me

If you wish to sponsor development of other handy utilities,
or you enjoy using this viewer so much that you can't resist...

Please find the time to mail me regarding problems, enhancements or
donations Smile . Enhancements that I consider to be worth while,
I will add and both mail the enhanced version to the specific person
and also re-post it to any server site which has agreed to house it.

You can e-mail me at

Free Downloads

And, of course, you can always download the latest versions of
the software from my web page, at


Anybody may use or copy this program free of charge.
However if anyone wishes to make any volume distributions, CD's
and the like I would very much like to be asked first.
I must stress that they do so at their own risk. I can't be held
responsible for this program or any other programs malfunction.

Thank you

A big Thank You to all the people that cared to donate a few $$$
to help keep the development of this freeware alive. Those are
truly the ones that believe those utilities are worth something
and keep me motivated creating and improving freeware!

And also for the help and trouble of writing back with feedback
and suggestions, to :

Sander Zeedijk
Chris Koens
Marc Olson
James Wilson
Chris Burton
Klaus Zimmermann (all help and suggestions since ...)
Mark Collins
Mark (portuguese translation)
Decebal Toma
(Neil) Quark Services
Andreas Brons
Alex Weinhold (script editor)
Guillermo Ore
Frank Verda
Chuck Janzer
Jack Moore
John Wood
Mike Motta

Also, a special note to our long time user Klaus Zimmermann
for all his work and help in testing every version of this
software and for all his fine suggestions and for taking the
time and caring to send feedback - he really made this freeware
a better software for everyone of us - Thank You !


© 1998-2012 J.Falcao

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