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bare_elf's blog

Found Ilorn

I have found no problems so far in testing the Legends of Aranna DS2 map. However in DS1 the quest for Ilorn's Amulet was a two part quest. You had to recover the Amulet and return to him before he would open his store and sell you things. Is it possible to do this in DS2? Instead of telling him yes I will find it and he throws the store open on a promise. I mean I could be in a bad mood and just keep it and move on Smile


Looking around Arhok

I decided to visit Aranna so it is off to test Legends of Aranna in DS2. The mayor now actually gives quests now. Thank you for fixing that Iryan. I discovered to odd problems but since they do not stop game play I will just post a screen shot or two.


Bicycling and Mod Testing.

What a wonderful past few days. It has been in the mid 70 to high 80 degree Fahrenheit range since Thursday and I have spent the daylight hours riding some new sections of the San Francisco Bay Trail south of Palo Alto. Found a new link that goes from Shore Line Amphitheater around the back side of Moffett Field (used to be a Naval Air Station) Now only NASA and the wind tunnels remain. Saw some very odd looking planes and a group of U2s painted black. Some day when I have more than 6 hours for a bicycle ride I will finish the trail behind Moffett field just to see where it goes.


eeek which map next?

Where do I go now? LoA or Utrea. I have played both so many times in DS1 that I can think of a quest and see a picture of it in my mind.

I noticed that there was lots of snow in both maps and figured I might get chilly so I made some armor for the snow.


Finished testing the DS2 Yesterhaven map.

I finished Yesterhaven and only had problems with the quests related to Gwen or at least I believe so.


In the process of testing the DS2 Yesterhaven map

I was running about some of the other Converted DS1 Maps picking up some help for testing the DS2 Yesterhaven map. I stopped in Lang for a look around and discovered "Berseba" almost by falling over her as she did not have the DS2 Hire me icon over her head. When I added her to my party I discovered her inventory icon was missing. I extracted the file DS1_Cat_Mansion_Characters.ds2res using tank viewer and had a look at world\contentdb\templates\actors\good\utrea because the town of Lang is in Utrae.


Completed EHB and Started Yesterhaven

I finished the EHB map and the GOM is very very dead so EHB is safe for now.

So since I had not played Yesterhaven in oh at least 4 years I decided to go there next. I was out looking for the undertaker and picked up the quest to find Maid Gwendolyn so I entered the Broken Crypts and discovered that when I clicked on her nothing happened.



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