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Blondin235's blog

a cornucopia of rhubarb..

this is a good way to view buildings..
- using some really smart technology, too! :woot:

- on the gaming front..

I'm still bashing away in my other two fave games Oblivion and X3:The Reunion

- and I'm eagerly looking forward to the end of this month as on the 30th, the definitive X3:The Reunion Game Of The Year Edition (version 2) comes out.. it's got all the updates and improvements as well as the Bala-Gi add-in..

- I took this shot in X3, 'cos it gives some idea of the sheer size of the X-Universe
- there's a video available for download here..

- squawk?

- just added Squawk to my party in LOH..
- yet another mouth to feed..!!

it's been one of those days..

it's been one of those days, y'know the sheriff's on my trail..

From the play by Lord Tennyson:-

Let be the 'Earl.' Henceforth I am no more
Than plain man to plain man.

Well, then, plain man,
There be good fellows there in merry Sherwood
That hold by Richard, tho' they kill his deer.

In Sherwood Forest. I have heard of them.
Have they no leader?

Each man for his own.
Be thou their leader, and they will all of them
Swarm to thy voice like bees to the brass pan.

..starting out in DS2BW

I scribbled down some notes as I started the expansion..

The saga continues..

There is much to be learned from talking to the NPC's in the initial area.. also from reading the various books and letters that are laying around.. Thus I was sad to hear of Tanzi's demise, I must admit - but that's Dungeon Siege for you.. despite your better intelligence, you wind up identifying with the characters - a tribute to the storymakers, for sure!

- the interactive dialogues that occur between the characters in your party re-inforces this aspect, as well - a great achievement and much praise goes to the game's designers for adding these little "atmospheric" touches..

..just completed DS2

Well, it took me over a year to finally get round to doing it... but boy, what a sense of achievement!

Now, whenever I get shoddy service in shops or restaurants, I shall stand up and proclaim loudly, in my most imperious-sounding voice..

"How dare you - do you realize you are dealing with the person who defeated Valdis!!?"

- arf, arf!! :woot:

..from Beyond the Blue Havens

- Happy Christmas (2006) to one and all! :woot:

- Andrew (- one of the elflings..) bought himself a prezzie yesterday - the deluxe boxed version of Dungeon Siege 2 - it looks beautiful, and now I want one!

..seriously, though it does look very well put together, the artwork is ace and it looks brilliant on the games shelf.. it comes with a map showing all the lands - the Utraean Peninsula, Ehb and everything.. this game certainly covers some ground - the over all playing area is immense!!

- I'm really looking forward to getting started in Broken World, I've had the game for weeks and weeks, but have not yet started it..


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