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Maya & Co

Felt like posting a screenshot of my BW party. I have imported it from DS2 and am having my way with the critters of this new era.
Sometimes they are having their way with me though... ^_^

The leader is Maya, a necromancer, and she is the lady with the white hair. She is rather merciless with her foes but atleast her party likes her.


Busy busy

Looks like I will be making the first blog post. Smile

It dawned on me a while ago that I have never released any of the (few) mods that I have made in the past. And now that I finally uploaded one that I have made.. it is a cheat. ^_^

I've never had the time to learn much about modding so it was somewhat of a surprise how easy making mods that aren't maps really is. As long as it isn't template work of course. :P I've done some of that in the past for DS1 when I made some new creatures and items. I worked on a map called shadowlands that I never finished.. :/ But I distinctly remember how much fun it was. Hopefully I can get back into modding when this site is getting more finished.



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