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DS2 Legendary Mod - Bug

The Agallan Trials quest line does not trigger.

I've returned from killing the three Dark Wizards, advisor Kynos tells me Lord Kalrathia is dying, Lord K tells me to get the key to the fountain from advisor Kynos .... and nothing. The ? does not disappear from Lord K, advisor Kynos keeps telling me to speak with Lord K. I can't continue.

I've reinstalled the full game (I have the Deluxe Edition, with both DS2 and DSBW), I've reinstalled Legendary Mod, I've create a new character and made a whole new play-through .... I've hovered around Lord K's deathbed in case there's a delayed trigger response, made him repeat his dialogue half a hundred times in case of a once-in-a-dozen-trigger ..... Nothing.

Pleeeeease HELP.