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Message system

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I noticed that if I send a reply to a message, it doesn't show in the "thread" until I get a reply. Perhaps because it's just working as an inbox, and so missing the outbox functionality.

Is there a setting I could change,or it a site thing?

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Probably a browser glitch

I'm starting to think it's actually a case of the locally-running script in the browser making me think the reply was sent when it wasn't. I haven't had a repeat.

Could it be, ghastley ...

... that your message replies don't show up in "thread" until the recipients open them? (whether they reply then or later). Then the variability would be down to the human element.

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It may not be a constant thing, which with a computer system is even more worrying. I've had it work as expected on one conversation, and as described on another.

I can’t replicate that

Ghastley, this doesn’t seem to happen to me. We are preparing some upgrades in the coming week. Once those are live, I will circle back with you.

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you can add

You can set in your account to send email to your email address when someone replies to you. I am not sure if that is what you want. I asked BE how she did it when she set up my account.