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The BufUI Mod adds a panel to the GUI that shows the selected character's active buffs, their count and their corresponding expiration times. I thought that the dockbar was hiding information about the active buffs rather than showing them, so I made this panel that shows up to 12 active buffs. If you apply more buffs than the maximum shown, the extra ones will apppear in the panel as soon as one of the already shown expires. Up to 20 concurrent buffs are tracked by the BufUI.

There are two views of the panel. An icon one (default) and a text one that shows the buffs' descriptions (like the ones shown on the dockbar). You can toggle between them via the extra GUI button next to the health/mana potions. Both views show the remaining time for each buff in the form of h:mm:ss (text panel) or mm:ss (icons panel). The timer will turn red when 10 or less seconds remain.

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