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Loss of progress

Shiatsuki's picture

I am having loss of progress when playing multiplayer (lan), The game is the same as my brother patch 2.2 and windows 7 yet he didn't experience any loss of progress, i remember when i was playing with him 3 or 4 years ago (windows xp )i didn't had any loss, Could be a windows 7 problem?

(btw sorry for my bad english '-').

Hi Shiatsuki
Sometimes this can occur if you have different mods in any of the following folders. DS2 Resources, Broken World resources, DS2 map folder or Broken World map folder. It can also occur if you have different revisions of the same mods. I would suggest if you speak with your playing partner and verify that you have exactly the same things installed


My computer is windows 7 Professional and I do not have any problems with the game. My playing partner's computer is windows 10 and she has no issues either. There was a problem when one of the mods we where using was of two different revisions. My computer would get stuck. Once we fixed that all was good.

@Shiatsuki: This problem is not completely new but rather known from the BW addon than from multiplayer games alone.

So check once if there are files ending on '.tmp' inside the savegame folder.
If so, they usually are the newest savegave (right after saving), but for some reasons the proper renaming failed (and you will reload your previous savegame when start a new game session).